poetry on happy birthday

poetry on happy birthday

Short poetry on happy birthday 

May God bless you this yearAnd

AndMay sorrows be removed from you

May all your wishes be fulfilled

So happy birthday

There is something special that person for me

Today is his birthday

That person is just for me

Today is his birthday

This is the new year

Has brought happiness

The birth of this person has returned day by day

Happy Happy Return of the Day

With some question on language

With roses in hands

We have come to you

Happy birthday to you

This evening will pass with you

O my dear beloved

Happy birthday to you

This night will pass with me

Happy new year to you

Congratulations on this new addition to you

Happy New Year to you

We were not your Kabul

That's why you left

sweet love message for my wife

poetry on happy birthday

Short poetry on happy birthday for boy

happy birthday happy birthday to you

May every year pass with you

Be it happiness or sadness

Today is your birthday

Or happy day is ours

How lovely this year is with you today

It is with you

All my life

Be with you this year too

This is my prayer to my Lord

Happy Happy Return of the Day

People say that he is unfaithful

He will not come on my birthday

The person who is only ours

This life will not be yours

I tell you on your birthday

Happy again

With what is yours

Today is our birthday or yours

May sorrow never come to you

Never be separated from us

You will also return like this birthday

Now come to us

Let's celebrate his birthday

Husband wife love poetry 

poetry on happy birthday

poetry on happy birthday for friend

O blessed day

The person I found

This year in the gift of happiness

happy Birthday

He is with and also has a birthday

Today there is no calculation of happiness

 I know I'm a little late

You know, my friend

Thousands of wishes so far

Must have come to the message

But only for you

Wish you a happy birthday

He is not enough

Now you are special

On your special day

So it is also necessary to come in a special way

By editing our photos

Don't post status stories to me

Husband wife love

All those formalities

A little aside from you

I had to do Ismail

Ok dude you see all the happiness

And I pray that you are like that

You always smile

famous poetry on happy birthday 

poetry on happy birthday

May your whole life be fulfilled soon

You have supported me in every system

I pray never in life

Don't fail alone like a friend always bothering you

be with you

Raise your hands to God

I have asked for this prayer to be blessed

May you always be happy

So today is your birthday

So here are some lines

I look at you

May you have a life full of love

May you be blessed with happiness

May you never have to face any sorrow

You will find such coming tomorrow

And much more to you

Happy Birthday

lines for best friend

I can't count the millions

But speak your heart, my dear

If every drop of water becomes a prayer

I will give you seven seas

Happy birthday to you

Today is our birthday

That is, today they came to the bad world

poetry on happy birthday

poetry about happy birthday

Tears came to my eyes today

Seeing his wall hanging

And the cake also smiled today

Seeing the cake in front of you

Of the twelve months of the year

My favorite month has arrived

Do you know why?

Because in this month

It's this person's birthday

Which I love immensely

Happy birthday my love mashallah

Happy Birthday to bestest bestice Fly high to and watch your dreams come true Birthday come around every year but friends like you only come once in lifetime You think yu are special just because it's your birthday today.  Remember that "if you fall 4 will pick you up after finish my laugh.ag Happy Birthday to smartest funniest and beautiful person in wrld Don't take it seriousl Happiece birthday My bestie HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Today is so special for me my dear

As much as it is for you

What can I tell you about this day?

How long have you been waiting?

I know you have today

There will be many wishes

But remember, Wishes will always be mine first

I know I am very lucky to have you

Today in the solar system a very

poetry on happy birthday

short poems about birthdays

It's the beautiful person's birthday

Who is also my friend

And my love too

By whose being I am

No one else

I have a mother

Happy birthday to return of the day

Do you know, after that you can not see me

This may be my last birthday

Oh beautiful



Wish you good luck

Happy Birthday

There is a girl, she seems to be my own

In such a short time she seems dear to me

 poetry on love

I consider it a gift from God

I think she's just mine

Those people are very lucky

Those on whose body they are not happy

But there is someone who is more happy than them

May God bless you like a soul

May the dance bless you

Angels are with you at every turn

poetry on happy birthday

short poems about birthdays for a friend

May God protect you at every turn

They have come to see you

They have also brought you seven tufas

We have come to you. Happy birthday

May every year pass with you

This is our heart's desire

To you on your birthday

We tell you

He was included in every happiness and every sorrow

The person whose birthday is today

This day has returned again

Happy new year

With you

This is our birthday

Tell me what to tell you

That person is with today

And there is also a birthday

Today is the joy of perfection

I have a prayer for you

Never be separated from you

The people you love

Happy birthday to you

This person has supported

Otherwise, there were many

poetry on happy birthday

friendship birthday poetry

Today is a happy birthday

But he is more than happy

He is not separated from me

Tell the times

The person who is only ours

Today is your birthday

And the day of joy is ours

New year brings new happiness

He has returned with new friends

Again the birth day Tahmara

I missed you with me

Thus passed the year

And today is the birthday

And brought you along

This is our birthday

broken heart poetry 

Tell me what to say

Who is your happiness with?

never leave you

The person whose birthday is today

Let's give her a gift today

Life is his name

That person is a little confused with us

Today is his birthday

Let's give him the medicine of life

poetry on happy birthday

  poems for friendship day

May God never be separated from you

Relationships that are your own

Happy Birthday

We pray for happiness

He was not separated from me

The year that passed

Ever become a picture

Ever become a dream

Sometimes being the answer

He stayed with me

A person whose birthday is

Happy return of the day

Give flowers or give roses

Or give the whole garden

This birthday gift

What should we give the person today?

It is his birthday

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