Husband wife love poetry in English

 Husband wife Quotes   Husband wife love poetry  Love Quotes

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Husband wife love poetry in English
Husband wife love poetry in English

Your eyes are telling

  You are waiting for someone

  He loves me too

  He also fights with me

  The memory is haunting again

  Of this unfaithful person

Ever get a chance with me

Remembering you no longer cries

You are starting to miss again

Sometimes it becomes a dream and sometimes it becomes a memory

A meeting with you is necessary

  Your love is my compulsion

Faith was in this person

  Who used to meet me everyday

what happened to you

  Those meetings are remembered now

All your false promises

  They break our hearts

May your life pass by

Tell me what to do now

There is sadness in your memory

But we remember

Left in your love

  We are the jam of the grief party

It's lonely again today

  Today, he is being remembered again

I think I should write your namesٓ

  Which lasts the rest of life

The memories of this person are very beautiful

Live together as his love

Yesterday is gone, today is remembered

  I remember that bridge when we were together

Tell me if life is sad

  what have you lost

The distance does not leave you

Come now, my friend

Your heart sighs

  I have felt

Husband wife love poetry in English
Husband wife love poetry in English

  That time has passed in your memory

What was difficult was my past

I started crying remembering you

  My heart went crazy everywhere

  Hate that person

  I become everywhere, O wife

Every word is crying

  Your love, my wife

  Then this night with you

Then it rained this night

Our heart is broken

Friend from your parting

There was a lot of noise in your city

  Your name on every tongue

Then there are tears in those eyes

   Look at our situation

hugging you

I want to cry

  Now sorrow lives with me

  You left who left

Sleep did not come in these eyelids

O friend, from your parting

Today I want to cry

  Too loudly

I will stay with you

  It is my heart's desire

These eyes cannot cry

Give pain with great calculation

Every desperate heartbeat

  Remembering you

In the shadow of your scent

  I will go to sleep leaving everything

I wrote what was in my heart

  Don't forget that in the book

Let me listen to you from my heart

  Always anxious

  You don't think this heart is crazy

  Tell the fire of your heart

That person used to smile

What returned was my everything

Let's walk the path of love

  Forget all hatred

Your memories are beautiful

  Hussain does my every moment

Bridge your memories

  We are remembered in every sorrow

In this age of hate

  Let's share love

Husband wife love poetry in English
Husband wife love poetry in English

Whenever I miss you in solitude

  I think you are there

A smiling face

I get it every day

It felt like this after seeing the preparation

  Like a rose flower

I remember you in my heart

  Your face in the eyes

Since when are your ways standing?

Come back now my friends

  Every moment you smile

I have taken care of it

Your memory kept me awake all night

  Bandaged my wounds all night

He loves me too

He also fights with me

 Husband wife Quotes   Husband wife love poetry  Love Quotes

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