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time will change quotes
time will change quotes

Strong relationships make you stronger.

Keep the foundation of the relationship so strong that it does not break even if you break it.

A wise person is one who knows the value of relationships.

Make yourself stronger than stronger.

A lie is a weak foundation that can ever collapse.

A lie gets a man into trouble.

Truth is the means to avoid trouble.

Truth is the path of truth and one who follows the path of truth never stumbles.

Truth and lies, truth avoids trouble and lies get trouble.

Life is getting shorter every day, ask God for forgiveness for your sins.

If something is entrusted to you, do not betray the trust.

Halal sustenance will never run out and haram sustenance will never run out of hunger. erase

Avoid wrongdoing because the cry of the oppressed will take you away.

Always learn and practice knowledge.

Knowledge is a lamp of light.

By thinking more, problems are solved.

Sufficient for us.

  Every day brings a new challenge.

Do not destroy your hereafter for the life of this world.

The life of this world is for a few days and the hereafter is forever.

Work hard so that you get success.

But difficulty tests you.

Truth and deception are rare in the world.

Ask your God for help in every difficulty.

Avoid cheating people.

To boast of wealth is to deceive oneself.

  Always take the path of truth.

Do not be negligent in thanking God.

Protect your eyes. Always keep your eyes down.

time will change quotes
time will change quotes

If you want peace of mind, do good and forget.

Always think good of other people not bad.

Time spent in worship is most beneficial.

Adopt good habits.

Set a time for each task.

If you do good deeds, they will be useful in your world and also in the hereafter.

  If any bad habit exists in you, eliminate it.

The path tells the destination and the destination is achieved by hard work.

Save good friends and relationships.

Care about the happiness of others more than your own happiness.

Love is a true victory.

He who values time has achieved the destination.

Prepare better for the coming time.

The cover of this world is false, prepare for the hereafter.

Beware of people's curses and do good to people.

The heart of one who remembers death becomes soft.

If there is no childhood, then this youth will not remain either.

  The path to goodness is success in the hereafter.

time will change quotes
time will change quotes

Speak politely and be gentle.

You are deceiving yourself by lying and cheating.

There is a way of repentance and salvation from sins.

Value time to achieve success.

Keep your secrets hidden.

He who follows the path of evil will perish.

Sins eat people like termites.

Find the peace of your soul and that peace is in goodness and worship.

Be strong in good times or bad.

Never let yourself be embarrassed.

Adopt a habit.

Don't humiliate yourself to get wealth, be grateful to God.

A true king is one who is rich in heart.

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