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improve your best life quotes
improve your best life quotes

The Holy Qur'an is the best guidance, prayer is good worship and 


Truth is the source of dignity.

Being dumb is better than lying.

A virtuous person always brings grace to people with his good 


Scholars are poor and helpless because there are more ignorant 

people and they do not know their value.

Longevity and sincerity of action can never accumulate.

Ambitiousness is going to make a person fall into poverty.

  Wealth makes a person high in this world, but degrades him in 

the hereafter.

Generosity is called giving without asking. When asked, people 

give to avoid embarrassment and condemnation.

Knowledge is a strong fortress and goodness is a safe treasure.

There is safety in perseverance and regret in greatness.

  A believer is always afraid of God's punishment and hopeful of 

His mercy.

Speaking the truth is the best way to communicate and sacrifice 

is the highest form of kindness.

  Even if there is satisfaction in a lie, it will still lead to death.

The fine dress and generosity of those who are true to the truth 

are the frunits of noble character.

  A giver is one who gives himself.

  The first act of worship is that a person waits patiently for help 

from Allah Ta'ala.

improve your best life quotes
improve your best life quotes

 Yadaalahi produces light in the eye and light in the heart.

 Pure worship is that a person should do it only with hope in Allah 

Ta'ala and fearing his own sins.

  Prayer is a very strong fortress to resist the attacks of Satan.

  If you make a promise, do not break it, and if you are angry, do 

not speak nonsense.

  Believers consider themselves as defective, are afraid of 

mistakes, longing for the Hereafter and striving for obedience.

It is very bad to be stingy in taking out the zakat prescribed by 

God from your wealth.

A gentleman considers a good deed as a duty upon him, the 

payment of which is necessary on him.

  Abstinence is achieved by avoiding suspicious things and people 

remain in doubt from uncertainty.

  The rich is the one who is content and the honorable is the one 

who is engaged in obeying Allah.

By repenting with a raw heart, sins are forgiven and good 

intentions are rewarded.

There is no healing for the envious, no loyalty to the traitor, and 

no death to the miser.

  Ignoring suffering is a great asset and being enamored with the 

world is a great temptation. By spending moderately, even a little 

wealth becomes more and by wasteful spending, a lot of wealth is 


  It is better to sit in the mosque after dawn till sunrise to engage in divine remembrance than to travel around the earth to seek 


  The innocent is healthy and the sinner is sick, and he who acts 

wisely is successful.

A beneficial sermon is one that stops people from doing bad .

  Cruelty is punished very quickly and goodness is rewarded 

without delay.

  Truth is the trust of the tongue and the trick of faith.

Asceticism is the characteristic of the pious, worry is the 

adornment of the pious and fear of God is the garment of the 


  Sustenance does not come from greed and demand.

  Just as strength and power are gained from wealth, so also is 

visibility and as it comes, it goes away.

Cunning is a sign of wealth and sincerity is a sign of happiness.

  Jealous destiny is angry with God and false words lead astray.

  The restriction of religion prevents from doing forbidden deeds 

and inculcates good qualities in young men.

Kamingi calls it that someone's life is lost but money is not spent.

  Tolerance is the means of peacefulness and modesty is a virtue 

of the highest level and a very good quality.

  Being kind to people is the highest form of forgiveness.

  Eating on a full stomach creates greed and keeps one away from 


  Ignorance is the calling that makes the living dead and always 

keeps them in a vicious circle.

Engaging in the correction of one's hereafter leads to salvation 

from the punishment of hell.

  Marwat is always disgusted with obscenity, indecency and 

infidelity and nobility is free from malice and malice.

  Purity is attained by being satisfied and satisfied with the power 

of limitlessness.

  It is as if the one who abandons a good deed does not believe in 

its reward.

  Desire is a power that people worship.

He who does good is helped and he who is evil is destitute.

Action is the fruit of intention and charity is one of the highest 


  Avoiding sins is the first manhood and chastity is the root of 

young manhood.

improve your best life quotes
improve your best life quotes

  Khanda Pishani Sharif's characteristic, wisdom is the source of all 

virtues and ignorance is the storehouse of all evils.

Fate is such a thing that no matter how smart a person is, it 

overcomes his plan.

  Sahib Izzat is a person who is adorned with the jewel of divine 


  Benevolence is one of the habits of scoundrels in the morals and 

heart of nobles.

  Action comes from thought and thought is thought.

Humiliation is a desirable trait and pride is foolishness and lack.

  Keeping the secret of others is trust and making it known is 

treachery and avoiding suspicious things is honesty.

Writing shows the intention of a person and his work reveals his 


  Deprivation is not being blessed by God.

  A bad man does not think well of anyone because he considers 

everyone as himself.

Avoiding bad things is better than earning good things.

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