Personality development quotes about life

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Personality development quotes about life
Personality development quotes about life

Helping each other to prove the truth is trust and honesty.

  Nobleness and greatness is the name of a man saving his honor 

by spending wealth, and poverty is the loss of life but not 

spending money.

  So poverty and poverty show the characteristics of people and 

what each opens and wealth shows the origin of people and 

their morals. .

Tips are for those who follow them. This is healing for them.

To have friendship and love with people, to be wise and kind to 

them, is a very good gift.

A jealous man rejoices at the evil of people and grieves at their 


  Giving charity in secret is a great virtue.

Tightness, which people consider as a vice, is better than wealth, 

which makes a person humiliated and disgraced by sins and 


   To quickly forgive is the habit of nobles and to be quick to take 

revenge is the characteristic of scoundrels.

  A backbiter is like a backbiter.

A scholar is one whose actions are a witness to the correctness of 

his actions, and a pious person is one whose soul is pure and his 

characteristics are good.

  Your brother and friend is the one who guides you to do good 

deeds and forbids you from doing bad deeds and is a helper and 

helper in the hereafter.

Pious people have self-sufficiency, less desires, happy faces and 

sad hearts.

  Islam is the name of believing and believing is belief and belief, 

confirmation and affirmation, confession and confession, 

fulfillment of commandments and fulfillment of deeds.

Giles never recovers from his ignorance and is of no use to him 

from sermons and advice.

  The root of religion is trust and commitment.

  Arif is one who has realized his self and freed it from all 


  Being angry at home is like desolating it.

Personality development quotes about life
Personality development quotes about life

The hallmark of a bastard is that when he gets a chance, his 

situation worsens.

  A sermon without action is like a bow without an arrow.

Sharif, when he is rich, takes care of people's needs, and when 

he is in need, he reduces his expenses, but he does not question 

anyone. .

Earning good deeds is the trade of the hereafter.

  A man is weighed by his words and valued by his actions.

  By remembering God, light is born in the heart and His mercy 

is revealed.

  He forgives the Sharif when he is able to and when he is 

questioned, he forgives him.

  Indecisiveness does not celebrate divine destiny but diminishes 

reward and reward.

Greed does not increase one's livelihood, but the value of a 

person decreases.

  The situation is evil and bad and even worse is the fact that 

there is no livelihood without a woman.

  Truth is the garment of religion and asceticism is the fruit of 


   So the fortress of wisdom and the best and the first blessing 

and the remembrance of God's love are the keys of total 


  Wealth is the substance and root of sensual desires and the 

world is the home of calamities and calamities.

Disobedience to God Almighty is the act of dirty and impure 


A wise man is one who lowers his hopes, and a gentle man is one 

whose qualities are noble and good.

  Covetousness is a sign of eternal slavery and a sign of self-


  Contentment is a sword that never dulls.

  Literary is the name of Hayes with very good character and 

manly miserly deeds.

Personality development quotes about life
Personality development quotes about life

  He is not colder than a miser and there is no end to knowledge.

  Forgiveness is a very good kindness and kindness makes a 

person a slave.

  Piety is a strong fortress for those who act accordingly.

  A friend is one who deals with friendship in absentia.

A generous man is grateful for a little blessing and a miser is 

ungrateful for a lot of wealth.

  A poor man accumulates wealth for his heirs.

Opportunities are passing like a cloud.

  Procrastination is a deceptive and deceptive and very 

dangerous thing.

  The right work is the result of thinking and the poor is the one 

who has no friends.

Religion is a tree whose fruit is submission.

A wise person is one who is strengthened by experience and 

corrected by suffering.

Server is a state of the self that arises from the active heart.

  Faith is a tree whose root is faith, its branches are grace, its 

flowers are modesty and its fruits are generosity.

  It is not useful to keep the eyes awake but the heart to be 


The value of a man is determined by his two small organs, i.e. 

heart and tongue. If he speaks, then with the force of his tongue, 

and if he comes to the battlefield, then with bravery.

The value of a man is based on his intelligence and not on his 


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