lines for best friend -best line for best friend

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1. A friend is someone who forgives your mistakes.

2. There are very few friends who know how to fulfill the duty of friendship.

3. Never embarrass a friend.

4. Cherish the relationship of friendship above all relationships.

5. Respect the friend so that the relationship of friendship remains.

lines for best friend -best line for best friend

6. Make the bond of friendship so strong that it never breaks.

7. Never let a friend get angry۔

8. If a friend gets angry with something you say, then the friend should be persuaded۔

9. Never have wrong ideas about your friend۔

10. Make a good friend mandatory so that he۔

11. Beware of the friendship of a deceiver, he will cause you loss۔

12. Help a friend in trouble۔

13. Always be gentle with a friend۔

14. Include a friend in every happiness۔

15. Call a friend in every sorrow۔

16. Never embarrass a friend in any gathering۔

17. Good friends support each other in difficult situations۔

18 Pray for your friend's safety۔

19. Friendship of deceit and deceitful friend can never maintain friendship۔

20. Friendship is a reason to share love۔

 21. Build good relationships with your friends۔

22. A misunderstanding ends a friendship.

23. Keep your heart clean about your friend۔

24. Friendship is a tool to grow relationships۔

25. Always be loyal to a friend۔

26. Don't make friends for the sake of it۔

lines for best friend -best line for best friend

27. If there is any deficiency in your friend, tell him۔

28. If the friend is poor, never let the friend feel۔

29. Friends are the cause of each other's happiness.

30. If there is a fight with a friend, you take the initiative to convince him۔

31. Friendship is the best relationship among good relationships۔

32. If there is any evil in your friend, ask the friend to remove his evil۔

33. Fraudulent friendship does not last long.

34. Good friends are the cause of good times for you۔

35. Always expect the best from a friend۔

36. If you have a good friend in bad situations, bad situations become good۔

37. Blood ties do not give the loyalty that friendship ties۔

38. A person who has good friends is great.

39. Consider your friend's happiness as your happiness and friend's sorrow as your own۔

40. Friendship is proof of building relationships۔

 41. A relationship of friendship is a relationship of loyalty to each other۔

42. Make precious friends in precious life.

43. Value your friends and time۔

44. Diamonds are not as precious as friends۔

45. Better friends than good times۔

46. ​​God is the best friend۔

47. Keep friendship with a true and good friend۔

48. A good friend is also included in your money۔

49. Find good relationships and loyal friends۔

50. Keep secrets from friends۔

51. Friendship is not less than a treasure۔

52. A friend who reveals your secrets to others can never be a friend۔

53. If a friend goes on the path of evil, try to keep him۔

54. Before making a friend, never see whether the person you are 

making a friend is poor or rich, because loyalty is often found in the poor.

55. I have many friends, but I have not seen a friend like God۔

56. The most precious wealth you have are your friends, never waste them۔

57. Blood relations do not give the same loyalty as friendship۔

58. Father is the dearest friend۔

59. Good friends are a source of comfort for you۔

friendship poetry lines

60. My friend is faithful to me

 Takes care of me in every game۔

61. Remember me all the time

All my old friends۔

lines for best friend -best line for best friend

62. That friend who was with me became my shadow۔

63. I remember my friends

In every song in every game۔

64. I miss the time spent with friends۔

65. O supplicants

Ask God for God۔

66. Remember my friendship, my unfaithful friend۔

67. I miss every party I had with my friend۔

68. All the days passed

When all the friends were together۔

 67. Oh God, make me so close that I never go away from you۔

68. He did not leave the company in bad situations

My two sat never mine۔

69. I have been faithful to my friends

All from love relationships۔

 70. Poor is the person who does not have good friends۔

71. What will time bring me with me as my friend۔

72. Cherish the relationship of a friend more than the relationship of a brother۔

73. A mother is also a friend. You will not find loyalty like a mother in the whole world۔

74. O my Lord

I am your servant among your servants۔

75. Add, O my God

 In His beloved servants۔

76. I don't want to cry

 O God, forgive me۔

77. With the help of a friend

  My hard times have passed۔

 78. Loyalty from all time

 When friends were together۔

79. I have read writing on the walls of the school

God is found by seeking۔

80. School friends all

They were very cute۔

81. Knowledge is given by God

Ask for it once۔

82. Keep friendship as deep as the depth of the sea۔

83. We know how to fulfill the duty of friendship.

 We know how to be loyal to a friend.

84. Do not punish your friend۔

We are friends like this۔

85. I have not been faithful to you, O life, all my friends will leave me۔

86. O friend, I lost a shadow away from me۔

87. He made a friend and became faithful۔

 That friend prayed for me۔

88. Do not ask anything else from you

Pray for me my friend۔

89. Stopped at your name

O friend, the infidelity of the age۔

90. He smiled and left

That friend of mine۔

91. Pray from my heart

O friend for you۔

92. God lives in every heart

Heard from a friend۔

93. In the gathering of friends

 He misses my friend۔

94. Pray for a friend from the heart

 She does not fly۔

95. All relationships will break

 O friend, everyone except you۔

96. The relationship of friendship is strong and does not break from this time۔

97. Friend, by talking to you, the sorrow of the world is reduced۔

Friendship Quotes     Good Habits Quotes     Good Life Quotes

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