english poetry on love

The pain did not heal

 Looked in every heart

I was destined to lose

 We have seen it everywhere

Disgraceful in every gathering

 Your unfaithfulness to us

We missed you every time

 We spent the night crying

The heart has fallen in love with you

 to see your faithfulness

My heart has been healed

 Unfaithful to your love

Look at your desire

 The state of our heart

May luck be with us

 Will come when in your city

This person's love

 Time has forgotten us

Ask and see the flowers

 They were saying you are handsome

Did you listen toٓ my heart?

 Your yearning for love has begun

Whenever you come to us

My heart starts pounding

Your love has stolen even in sleep

From weeks to months

We thank you in memory

 We have passed every moment

Believe that in your 

 Let's go to his city

Trust in your 

Let's go to his city

The person who left me alone

 He seemed so innocent

There is an ocean of your memory

 In this heart of mine

I spent my life with you

O dweller in my heart

The people of your city

 What a shame to hear your name

A prayer came from my heart

Whenever you remember me

 This evening loneliness is your separation

She is embarrassing me

These moments of pain will be spent

With this time

Will pass with loneliness

Tonight is our night

From every wound in my heart

Praying for you

Loyalty is also

 In this unfaithful person

 Best support of your memory

He supports me every moment

Loyal to you

 My heart was touched

Who will sell in your love

Those people were lucky

Your name was in every party

O my beloved

By putting on a concert of pain

This crazy heart is sitting

Ask with tears in those eyes

Keep flowing by remembering you

What will your son do?

 Do not think our heart

Ask every part of my heart

What did you do to this heart?

Ask about last night

Ask someone to spend the night

Hide your love in your heart

We have passed through your city

Don't mess with me

 Oh my unfaithful friend

There was sleep in my eyes

There were tears for your memory

Come back now

 It's evening again

Your separation broke

 To this heart of mine

Don't be sad, my friend

 From pain written in destiny

I have your love in my heart

This will be told to you one day

We keep complaining about you

 Disloyal to you

Let us be your world

Will leave one day

 Wafa also does 

Remember you from us

Tears in the eyes, loyalty in the heart

That person is greatly missed

All those beautiful bridges

Who passed with you

 He is the person in my heart

 Who has left my city

He is far from me

Otherwise, cry to tell him the pain

Your love will pass

 My every night shocker

Seeing you, who lived

That person left the world

Your name is with my name

 You did something like this

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