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There was a quarrel between husband and wife. Wife calling her mother: Mom I have a quarrel with her and I am coming to you for two or three months. The mother replied that he has done the quarrel and he should also get the punishment. So I come to your house for three to four months.

: Disciple: You had the luck of thousands, if you passed, what was the point. Teacher: You had all the books with you, what was the point if you missed them?

long funny jokes

In Pakistan, 2% of girls grow up in the sun and 98% from each other.

After five years, I messaged the old woman, how are you? Reply from here E is married, Uncle you too.

  A Sardar risked his life to rescue 6 people from a burning building, but people still found him very ...

Why?? Because they were 6 of 6 fire fighters...!

Pakistani families love each other very much. Badara is a servant and Khichdi eats the whole house

We live in a place where if the light comes on while talking, it is true, if it goes off, it is considered false.

It has been heard that in the olden days, wives used to wait for their husbands at dinner so that he would come and eat.

The friend had a new and good mobile phone in his hand. One of his friends saw the phone and said: "When did you get the new mobile?" The friend laughed and replied: No! has picked up his girlfriend". But why?" Friend: She always used to say that you don't pick up my phone today.

Husband, how do you control your anger when I yell at you! Wife: Clean the toilet! Husband said! Stupid woman how she? My wife cleans the toilet with your toothbrush.

Indian: Our country has the Taj Mahal but cannot even shoot a bird inside it. Egyptians in our country I am so handsome but no one can even touch a girl. Americans in our country there is such a police force that even if someone thinks of stealing, the police will arrive.

As soon as the wife woke up in the morning, she said to her husband, "Today I saw in a dream that you gave me a diamond necklace?" The husband said, Come on, today you will get the meaning of it. The wife and children ate hard all day. The wife made good food and did not scold the children all day. In the evening, when the husband came home, he had a beautiful package in his hand.

The husband gave the packet to the wife and all the children stood around the mother and eagerly waited for the packet to open.

Finally the wife opened the packet and inside came out a book on which was written interpretation of dreams

Friend, you have not seen the banana peel. Who broke the leg? My friend was checking that there was no banana inside the peel

A man of a village went to the market and after walking around for a while entered a shop and asked the salesman: Sir! Where will this Sham Singh's mobile be found? Salesman: "Sham Singh's mobile? Don't know!" But the address is given on the TV of the same shop". Salesman: Hey idiot! It's Samsung's mobile, not Sham Singh's.

long funny jokes

A man got a job in the fire brigade. On the second day of work, a girl got a phone call: Girl Sir, my house is on fire, please send your crew quickly." Aadmi "You poured water on the fire) Girl Yes, the fire did not go out." Sardar "Then We have to come and pour some Pepsi, we also have to pour water.

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  The groom was looking at his beautiful bride for a long time. The girl blushed and said: What are you looking at? Groom: I was thinking how beautiful I would be if you were my mother.

A man's lip was burnt, someone asked how it was burnt. The man said: That's it, man, she was going to my parents, so I left her and went to the station. As soon as the train blew its horn. I kissed the engine out of happiness!

The wife was stubborn for new clothes. Mian explained. Luckily your closet is full of clothes, what's the point of wasting money on new clothes? The wife said: All the city girls have seen it. Mian said: Good. So let's make it so that cities change.

Husband: You have to look at the wife for a few days. Show the doctor what ?? Wife: I showed myself. Husband: So what did the doctor say ?? Wife: There is a lack of blood shopping.

What is the value of the wife and the kichi in common? Both know only to cut.

  What is the difference between a husband and a goat? Booker is sacrificed only once a year.


  Two fools cannot become a wise together. Can become spouses.

  A wife said to her husband: "I have found out today that what I loved and married was stupid.

  What kind of loss does horseback riding every time? There is no reverse stem in the horse so that it can be overturned.

  How did the turtle won from the rabbit in the race? Due to the rabbit piles.

    Why not cut every barking dog? Because he thinks that when it is to be cut, the benefit of barking.

  You also ask why the cows and buffaloes usually move the neck to the left? Because of the weight of weight, they cannot move legs.

  What's the difference between cat and rabbits? The cat's tail while the rabbit's ears are more drawn.

What is the weird thing in the elephant's body? His right ear is huge while the left ear is equal to the right ear.

  Channel No.

  what it ? Are you preparing for the exam? "What treatment for passing the exam and the guarantee of passing a new pistol. Put the paper on the table, the sprayant's remote in minutes. Magic is in this pistol! Pistol pistol paper paper

  Channel No.

  Nand. Our brothers find some flaws in good magazines, but today I have made them difficult. The newspaper where it has a lot because it has a lot, now you will tell you what will be able to find some flaws? "Brother.

The thirst of water goes to the well, where is the thirst for the heart? But the well should be quite deep.

long funny jokes

The salt mercury garage mechanic told the car owner. I could not repair the brakes. That is why the sound of the horn has been raised.

Types of husbands

   Just a husband thought would not love. We will not die.


  Sometimes I think, say something to the wife, then I think.


  Just don't matter much, Begum sir. No nonsense after today

Homeback houses

  We are falling from your eyes. We will ever be able to celebrate.

  Timid houses

Look at you, you started to fear, I began to stick to me.


  A young man told his friend that I would marry my fiance today but I am forced to get married as soon as he got a job.

One told his friend. I have never changed gambling after marriage

The girl is my wife, I still remain so disgusted with her. As much as he lived before the wedding. It's been two hours when the food will start to eat? Sarah has just taken the timber, as soon as he comes, he will be cooked and offered immediately. Bring a waiter a spoon, I want to drink soup. "Sir

long funny jokes

You will need a spoon not to drink this soup made tomorrow. "

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