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Top funny jokes

A husband and wife were going out when suddenly their cat jumped up and ran back into the house.

The wife thought that the taxi driver would not know that the house was empty and said: My husband went to say goodbye to his mother-in-law.

After a while, the husband came back panting and said: I'm sorry

It was late, that trouble had slipped under the bed, I had to hit it with a hanger, then it went out.

mean jokes to tell your best friend

Fanny jokes


Son: Father, I have heard that if you look at your parents, you will get a lot of reward.

Teacher "Nadeem! Suppose your father borrows a hundred rupees from me and promises to pay back ten rupees every month, how much debt will he have left after six months?" Nadeem seventy rupees sir. Teacher Nadeem does not know accounting at all." .

Friday person jokes

  A man used to work in the city away from his wife and children and came home to meet the children on Fridays. One Friday when he entered his house, his little child came running into the room to his mother and whispered. Mama! That Friday person is here again."

  Confidentiality, Daddy! I will tell you that I have been but mummy. I think they don't know how to raise children." Why did you have this idea son?

You see for yourself! She sends me to sleep when I am awake. Wakes me up when I'm sleeping."

good luck jokes

  Daddy! I have seen a black cat in the drawing room. Hasan said, "No problem, son?" . Black cats are a symbol of good luck. You said right. Hasan said. She has eaten your dinner."

mean jokes to tell your best friend

Even so, three American children decided to play house to house. I will become a mummy said the girl. I will be a daddy. said the other boy. So I become a divorce lawyer. The third child said simply.

The new generation jokes

  When a man came to his house in the evening, he saw his six-year-old son sad at the threshold. He patted his head lovingly and asked about it. I can't have sex with your wife. "Daddy."

Singer Shahzad Roy was giving autographs to the children on the occasion of the event. A girl asked a question. Shahzad brother! Why is your name Shehzad Rai? Do you keep giving feedback to everyone? "Shehzad Roy" : ROY. My name is. Lo Bhalla, why Shahrazad should cry, he should cry when he hears Shahzad's song.

  The middle way jokes

  Eight-year-old Po loved going to school. While his six-year-old sister Farah hated school. Even after coming from school, he kept asking his sister. Come, play school school, but she would refuse. Finally one day she agreed. Well, school plays school but I am absent from school”.

Similarity jokes

  All the family members were standing together to see the new born baby. Some said it is like its mother, some said its color is exactly like its father. Someone said that his nose is like his grandfather's. A small child was listening to all this and said. Mom! Uncle's teeth are exactly like grandfather Abu's teeth.

mean jokes to tell your best friend

help jokes

  Two children were helping their father in carrying furniture. A father saw a child sweating while lifting a wardrobe. he asked. "I said to take help from my brother in lifting the wardrobe. Said the child. He is helping. He is standing inside the closet holding a hanger.

advice jokes

  When a gentleman made a telephone call, he got the number of a general store by mistake. He did not consider it appropriate to call and said. Do you have swelling? Yes! Sure, sugar and ghee will also be there. The shopkeeper said happily, and was waiting for the order to get a response from the other side. Then why don't you cook halwa?

satisfaction jokes

  A gentleman finished shaving with a very clumsy barber, so he immediately asked for a glass of water, he was moaning badly. Rest assured sir! "You have not fainted," said the barber, handing him a glass of water. "I am not afraid of fainting." He said panting. I want to see if the water can stop in my mouth.

A solution to unemployment jokes

  I have the solution to unemployment, one person began. Send all the men to one island and all the women to another island. You will see that all the men and women have gone to work. What will they do? Someone asked. They will all start building boats, got the answer.

stubbornness jokes

A criminal asked another criminal in prison. What crime have you been convicted of?

I was against the government. "What do you mean? Are you a leader?" the first prisoner asked in surprise. "No. The government didn't like me to print currency notes like him."

  How did you know? Jokes

Guest, Host Does your guest room roof leak?" Host. Yes. But how did you know? Guest, Yes. He was there last night drinking betta soup, which was finished in two whole hours.

The blue jokes

  An old man had a picture of actress Neely in his wallet. Once his son saw that picture by chance and said. Oh father! Good! You keep a picture of Nelly in your wallet. The old man said: When you put your son there was a picture of your mother but it turned blue...

mean jokes to tell your best friend

sympathy jokes

  An ant was running fast and going somewhere when a rat called from behind and asked: B ant! "What's the hurry?" replied the ant. And the elephants have had an accident. give

Overtake jokes

The car and dog race began. Perzahid asked Shahzad at a speed of fifty miles. "Is your dog still running with us?" "Of course," said Shahzad. Zahid picked up the car's speed. After several minutes of driving at sixty miles, he asked. "Your dog must be lagging behind now." ".

no . Shahzad replied. After about half an hour, when those people were flying at the speed of ninety, Shahzad panicked and said to Zahid. ” to one side. "Why?" Zahid said. "Well, did your dog lose?" it is not like that . The prince said. Actually my dog wants to overtake your car.

Satisfying jokes

After paying the hotel bill, the passenger checked the luggage and then panicked and asked the hotel employee. Just run and go to room number 13, I didn't forget my watch and glasses there? Hurry up, there are only ten minutes left for the car to leave. After seven or eight minutes, the employee came running and said contentedly. Sir! Both things are placed on a small table in the living room.

There is no rush jokes

While visiting the village, a citizen saw that a villager kept a large pot on the wall containing chicken seeds. He would lift one hen in his hands and bring it to the pot, it would chew the grain for a while, after that the villager would leave it on the ground and pick up the other hen and bring it to the pot. Gives a chance to fill. Seeing this scene, the citizen could not be spared. He said, if you put this pot down, all the chickens will eat the grain together, so how much time will be left. Time is not a problem. The villager replied nonchalantly. "Where are the chickens in a hurry to go?"

condition jokes

An overworked young man with an obsessive interest in statistics told his friend. 307 days ago today, one early morning when he shaved the 583rd of the new AD year and left home to give the 37th interview. There were 306 candidates for this 5 posts in which 19 candidates gave the written test. Typing is also fine. I was wearing 880g boots at 999. There was hope that I will get selected but it is going to be a year. So far I have not succeeded. Hopefully I will have to give the 38th interview as well.

  unemployment jokes

  A gallows in Japan was located near a river so that the criminal was thrown into the river after execution. Two criminals were being hanged. One was hanged on a board with a noose around his neck. Fortunately for the criminal, the noose was loose, so he threw the noose and escaped by jumping into the river. Another convict who was to be hanged. Seeing this, Thar Thar started to tremble. When the executioner asked the reason for this trembling, he got an answer. Brother, throw the trap tightly. . . Tat tir na does not come.

Gadagar Begum said while addressing this compassionate lady. If you don't give me five rupees, I'll have to resort to something that makes me cringe and shudder at the very thought of it. The lady extended a five rupee note towards him and asked him. May God have mercy on you, may I ask if I have saved you from an accident. Gadagar looked at this good-hearted lady with gratitude and satisfaction and said. By working".

Causation jokes

  The dog was very beautiful. Sir Jin got angry when the owner asked the veterinary surgeon to cut off his tail. he asked. "Why do you want to cut the tail of such a beautiful dog?" My mother-in-law is coming to my house this week. I don't want the dog to wag its tail at it and my mother-in-law to think it's welcome

has gone The dog's owner replied.

mean jokes to tell your best friend

A panth shop jokes

An artist was painting a beautiful crown painting. What will you do after taking a picture of my message? asked the owner of the teaj. Will send it to an exhibition, replied the artist. Many people will see it there. The artist spoke. This thing is sold". House owner. Then do this and write a sentence in the picture. This house is vacant for rent.

Uniformity jokes

  Houses built by construction companies are exactly the same. When a family moved to such a new settlement, they installed an oven in their house. After some time, a phone call was received at the wool store. You guys have put Udon in the wrong house. You will not have to tear it down. In the wrong house. The owner of the shop said in surprise. But how is this possible? You were there yourself. Both are fine. In fact, let's assume that we were the ones who shifted to the wrong house.

  self talk jokes

  A big man was going somewhere, he stumbled while walking and fell down. It sprung from the tongue. Hi Ri Juani then got up and looked around. When he saw that no one was watching, he gritted his teeth and raised his chin. What arrows did you shoot in your youth?

Appreciate jokes

  There was an exhibition of modern art, a man stood in front of a picture for a long time. Seeing the artist said. What a vivid picture you have created. My mouth is watering after seeing it. Artist, eh? The sight of the sunset made your mouth water. Why. God's refuge! sunset I was understanding.

There was some delay jokes

Several days after the death of a prominent businessman, when his office supplies were examined, it contained a letter that had been left unposted. His diligent and dutiful secretary posted the letter but thought it best to explain the reason for the delay at the end of the letter. He typed this line before the boss signed off at the end of the letter. It was good to send this letter because I died after writing the letter.

A fortunate man's dog was very intelligent. He used to do the work he was called very happily. Once both were sitting in the park when the owner ran out of cigarettes. He said handing the Sokka note to the dog. Go! Bring a pack of cigarettes and the rest of the money. Took Katanat and didn't come back for an hour. Finally, the owner went in search of him. After wandering around for a long time, he saw. The dog is sitting in a restaurant eating chicken takka and drinking cold drink etc. You have never cheated on me before,” complained the owner in a sad tone. Whatever I said, you did it responsibly. What has happened to you today?" The dog said with satisfaction: "You have never given money in my hand before, have you?"

Top funny jokes

The location is amazing jokes

  In a government office, the superintendent scolded the clerk. Are you late again today?" Sorry sir! I slept a little late today. The clerk apologized. what does mean? The superintendent's eyes widened in surprise. As if you sleep at home too.

caution jokes

  When a gentleman staggered out of the bar while drunk, a police officer approached him and approached him. Is it your driving company? The policeman gave him a chance to stop. So, do you think that my condition is capable of walking home at this time?

One over one jokes

  A Jew, an American, and a Briton went on a tour of a church in London, where there were many diamonds on the interior walls, the Briton said when the three came out of the church. Oh, how beautiful the diamonds were, I wanted to take them off the wall. said the American. I have also taken off the diamonds.

Two, but they are not in my pocket at the moment. The Jew reported.

Competition jokes

A hotel management announced. "Whoever eats two pigs together. He will be given a cash prize of ten thousand rupees. Hearing this, a man went to the hotel and claimed to eat the rotis. The competition began. The man kept eating the rotis. Up to ninety loaves of bread." He ate. Seeing this, the hoteliers were very upset. So they reduced the number of breads on the board. This continued for a long time and the man left. There is dishonesty here. The competition will start again.

  Addiction jokes

Three men entered a bar in the United States in such a way that two men held the arm of the third man and kept him from falling. The other two were also staggering due to intoxication. One of the men laid the fallen man on the floor and sat on a chair equal to him. The other man approached the bar tender. What will you drink?” asked the bar tender. Scotch and soda. What will your friend be? said the bar tender. Give him a scotch and soda too. And the third person. Don't give him anything. Because he is driving our car.

mean jokes to tell your best friend

Gift jokes

  The king of a country announced that a fruit should be brought to me that I liked and if I did not like it, the person who brought it would have to eat it. There were three nations in this country, Muslims, Hindus, and the British. The first Muslims came and they brought falsa when the king did not like it.

So he proved it. Then the Hindus came and brought apples, the king didn't like it, so the Hindus saw the apples and started laughing and then started crying. When the king asked the reason, he replied, "I have stayed because of how to eat apples and Finns because the Englishman is bringing watermelons."

Rate of return jokes

  A young man entered Altaf Memon's shop, selected a beautiful pen and asked Altaf Memon its price. "You have chosen the best pen in this shop. I appreciate your good taste and want to give you a special discount. The price of the pen is forty rupees, but I will only ask you to give me twenty-five rupees." I will not say either.

said the young man. I will neither make you cry nor fifteen. If you want to give it for ten rupees, then give it," said Altaf Memon. "It's Bonnie's time." Bring ten rupees. A loss of twenty-five percent of your profit is acceptable for your sake."

Top funny jokes

Kofte jokes

  Waiter! Bring a plate, sir! Would you like to order some more?" Yes. Bring a hammer and chisel if the koftas are like last week's."

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