funny jokes about smiling

funny jokes about smiling

Coward jokes

  A gymnast working in a circus was late to go home at night, so he decided not to go home for fear of his wife. And an overnight stay in a tiger cage. He had just caught his eye when his wife came looking for him and fell on him. So you are stuck here, you cowards, just get out.

Calculation jokes

Out of a million, if not a million men, there will not be one man who treats his wife and children so rudely as you do. Dhari's wife. That's all I like about you. The husband said with satisfaction. "You are very fast in calculation.

Guilty jokes

The husband, loaded with goods, helplessly watched the car leaving the platform. If you don't take so much time to get ready. He spoke to the soil. So we would definitely catch this train. "Yes". The wife also spoke in the same manner. And if you hadn't been so quick, we wouldn't have had to wait so long for another car.

Problem jokes

My wife is so worried that her hair has turned white, your wife. After all, what sorrow or trouble can he have? And that's all that they should dye their hair blonde or red.

bad habit jokes

  But darling! The husband said helplessly. If we buy a new car, where will we pay for it?" It's just a bad habit in you. The wife sighed. You accumulate too many problems at once."

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fool jokes

  A woman who had newfound wealth came to the conclusion that one must have antiques in one's home to be considered tasteful. When they reached the antique shop, the shopkeeper showed them a vase and said. It's almost three thousand years old." "Don't try to fool me, it's 1990 now and how can the vase be three thousand years old?

What happened then? Jokes

one neighbor asked another. Raat was coming from your house with a scary sound, what is it? Actually last night I had a big nightmare. In which thieves entered my house. They fired at me with a pistol and the bullet hit my eye. I got up and went straight to the bathroom, looked at my face in the mirror and saw a really big hole. the neighbor asked in surprise. "Then what happened?" Then I closed my mouth and the hole disappeared.[

funny jokes about smiling

 sweet dreams jokes

  Once a man filed a report that his wife was missing. The inspector asked him, "How many days has it been since your wife went missing?" The man said, "It's been about three weeks." In fact, I kept thinking that I was having a pleasant dream."

relatives jokes

There was an argument between husband and wife. The wife scolded her husband. And I was better than you. It would have been impossible if I had married a donkey. The husband said in a calm tone. Marriage between true relatives is forbidden in Sharia.

Ironically jokes

  A quarrelsome wife saw her husband being beaten by thieves and called a neighbor for help. "Brother, come running, my husband is being beaten by four men. The neighbor was sleeping, he opened his eyes a little and said lying down. Are four men less, that you are calling me?

The mystery of the house jokes

  A woman said to a servant on her birthday. There are also candles to burn on the cake. Begum! Will you burn the candles from both ends? asked the servant in surprise.

Tip jokes

The husband said to the wife in a very romantic mood. You don't know how much I love you, when you cried and went to Makkah, I used to climb the pipe to meet you and from there I have fallen many times. The wife said politely. "I know you very well, you are really fallen".

Trivia jokes

Begum Sahiba was in the club when a man approached her trembling. Begum! Begum! He said nervously. "Say, what's the matter?" Begum stood up. They . They have fallen into the well. Oh, you scared me. Begum said while sitting again. I have been drinking only tap water for the past three years."

funny jokes about smiling

condition jokes

  Scott went to a flying club with his wife, where a pilot bet him a sum of money to fly them both over the city and win if they didn't say a word the whole time. Scott accepted the bet. The pilot made many dives while flying the plane. The ship was fed many tricks but it could not break their silence. He said to Scott after landing on the ground. Samal hai bhai you won but where is your wife? He was thankful that I had even looked at him. She was about to scream when I threw her off the plane.

Bahana Abid came home late at night. And to avoid his wife's scolding, he put his shoes on the hat and went to the child without a sound and started singing a lullaby loudly. At the same time, the swing was also rocking. Meanwhile, the wife woke up. Abid said immediately. How deeply do you sleep? He has been crying for hours. It's quiet now. Just open your eyes and see if he is in the swing or lying next to me.

leader jokes

  My father! You went to leave this ugly cat somewhere else. It's coming back to you." Begum Aman went to take him to a remote desert but on reaching there I lost my way. So I had to follow him home.

Like me jokes

The wife was driving at a very high speed. The husband said to her. "When you turn the car fast, I feel very afraid. What is there to be afraid of?" said the wife laughingly.

You are right jokes

  The father was not happy about Bey's success in the exam. At the dinner table he looked at his wife and spoke proudly. You know Begum! "My son has got my brain" must have got it. Begum replied dryly. I was worried about your missing brain for many days.

Treatment jokes

  A woman said to a psychiatrist. "I think my husband suffers from inferiority complex compared to me. So you want to treat him?" asked the psychologist. "No, I want you to take care that his inferiority complex doesn't go away."

Treatment 2 jokes

  The new maid told the housewife. Begum! At the time you went to participate in the Mehfil Milad, the little Mian picked up a car cruise from the ground while playing on the ground. Put it in the mouth and swallowed it. But don't panic. Begum Sahib, I immediately applied DD tea powder to her. From now on, the little ones are sleeping soundly.

funny jokes about smiling

Stupid question jokes

  During cross-examination in a case, the lawyer Safi asked the witness. "Can you tell me how far you were from the scene of the incident?" the witness answered. Yes, sir! I was three meters, 15.7 centimeters away from the scene of the incident," the lawyer asked in surprise. But How did you make such a correct guess?'' said the witness.

Set jokes

When a student tried to take admission after the admission time, the principal said excuse me. Now there is a seth. The boy said. Don't worry about the seat. I will manage it myself. My father is a car painter.

English jokes

  Shahid said to mother John as soon as he came from school. Me! Come on please. Ami happily said that hey Shahid! You have learned to speak English very well. Tell me, what will you say when you intend to send me out of the house? Shahid continued to eat for a long time, then ran out of the house and said in a loud voice indicating to call. Mom! Come on please.

The time jokes

  Teacher to student. Tell me which tense is this". I am copying, so I am copying, you are copying". Student: "Sir! It's exam time.

worth seeing jokes

  While traveling in the bus, an older man took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, and his peers spoke up. Please do not smoke in the car. You will be greatly blessed. After a while, the older man began to touch the packet again, then the other said. You are requested not to smoke here. Big Mian hesitated and said: Bro, I haven't smoked a cigarette yet. And you are making noise. But you are taking out a cigarette to drink. No, I am not taking out cigarettes, but rent money kept in cigarette packets.


  "You insulted the policeman." The sergeant looked angrily at the accused and asked. "Did you call him a liar?" "Yes." "You called him Chchchunder?" "Yes". You also called him lame, stupid and incompetent?” No, the accused replied simply. Sir, I did not remember these things at that time.

funny jokes about smiling

Questions and answers jokes

So you started at the bottom and worked your way up. Yes, I used to polish shoes now I am a hairdresser.

Heard you have taken your college graduate son into business with you. You are also getting some benefit from his college education. Whenever a creditor is feared, we hand him a Kalashnikov and make him stand at the door.

The effort is in vain jokes

Two men were trying to carry a small wardrobe to the upper floor. But not a single ladder could be climbed up, so one of them gasped and said. It seems that it is not up to us to take it up. At the top, I thought it would take him down. The other shouted. 

funny jokes about smiling

farsighted  jokes

"Hello fire station". Yes! I recently made my garden and planted precious flowers in it. Where is the fire? Some plants are quite rare. I got them with great difficulty." This is a fire station, sir! Not a florist's shop. I know. Listen to me carefully. My neighborhood is on fire, and I don't want you guys on fire. If you come here to extinguish, do any damage to my plants and garden.

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And Haji too jokes

A gentleman used to attend five times in the mosque very strictly. People were very impressed by his piety. When a man saw them praying in unison, he said to his companion. This is the person who is praying. He is very pious and pious. On this he broke the prayer and said. And sir! I am also a pilgrim".

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