friendship poetry quotes

  Best quotes about friendship and very cute poetry about friendship

friendship poetry quotes

A friend is one who fulfills the duty of friendship

When his friend is not with him in the party

So protect your friend's honor and dignity.

Love and friendship can withstand anything

If a misunderstanding separates the two relationships.

A person who looks for a friend in whom there is no evil will never find a friend.

Good friends are very easy to find

But such a friend is very difficult

Who stops you from talking about evil

Such a philanthropist is hard to come by

A good friend never stands by your side when you are in trouble.

Good friends are like a garden of flowers

As long as you protect them with love

So you keep spreading the fragrance of these flowers

Distances keep coming in friendship

If friends live in hearts

Make a friend who is not angry with you

Friends trust each other

Which makes you remember God

He is a good friend who is a source of comfort for you

He is a true friend

Life gives us very beautiful friends

But a beautiful friend is one who gives you a beautiful life

Friendship brings a smile on those lips

Tears keep flowing in my eyes

A good friend is one who speaks ill of himself but never speaks ill of you

You with all the evils that the friend accepts you

Because good things happen even in enemies

To keep the relationship of friendship forever

Never talk to your angry friend

And never take to heart what a friend says to you in anger.

friendship poetry quotes

A good friend prevents pride

Make a friend who will help you when everyone is against you

When you see your friend getting promoted

So say this is my friend, when your friend gets into trouble, I am his friend in Lahore

All the relationships in the world cannot become a relationship like friendship, because 

no other relationship has the same quality as friendship.

Allah's greatest gift is a friend

The value of friends and friendship is known only to those who appreciate it.

Only those people value friendship

Those whose hearts are like the ocean

Who leaves your friendship for a small thing

So he can never be your friend

Friendship is made without meaning

There is no meaning in friendship

Friendship is only love for each other

A good friend always loves you

He knows all your evil deeds

loves you

Friendship is the flower among flowers

Which remains open to belief

Not every friend gets a good friend

It is a garden in which flowers bloom with sincerity and love.

friendship poetry quotes

 Best quotes about friendship and very cute poetry about friendship

The fragrance of the flower of friendship

Gives fragrance to every heart

A good friend is like your shadow

So never leaves Tehmara together

Even if the time is against you

A man of destiny is one who has a loyal friend

And the second is a person with the prayers of his parents.

Make a friend who has wealth or not

But his faith is safe

A good friend has so much love in his heart

Like a tree inside a fruit seed

Never make friends who reveal your secret to people

Keep the friendship of true friends

Because that is your wealth in good times

And does not leave your hand in bad days

When a friend tells you every hidden thing

So never betray your friend's trust

Love is in the heart and friendship is in the heart, the only difference between the two is this

When you meet after a period of time, love starts stealing eyes

And the friend embraces his friend

Your solitude is better than a bad friend

Never let misunderstanding enter your mind

Why by misunderstanding we will not find any good true and compassionate friend in this world

Wealth is not seen in friendship

If love happens, it is not visible

He sacrificed everything for his friend

The friend who likes, then the wealth is not seen

I got such a friend

Who is a flower is a friend of perfection

When someone asked who is your friend?

I smiled and called your name friend

friendship poetry quotes

  There is no one living in the heart like you

O friend, where did your son find peace?

Have such a friend

Who considers my tears as his own

Let friendship be between us like this

Let him be sad and don't smile from me

Friend, you have fulfilled the duty of friendship

You eased my sorrow by giving your happiness

It is a very cruel time, my friend

This world sees honey and gives poison

May my whole life be devoted to this friend

The moments that passed between friends

Loyalty by making friends is friendship

Whether a friend is rich or poor, maintaining friendship is not enough for everyone

 Here is my beautiful friend

Who maintains friendship without any meaning

What a good childhood yours and ours were

He is your childhood friend

It was written in destiny to bring you as a friend

And what gift would we ask from our God?

Come to life when you become friends

We forgot this unfaithful world

Don't look for my weaknesses friend

Weakness also includes friends

friendship poetry quotes

We do not love this unfaithful life so much

If there was no friend like you in life

  My guarantee is God in His court

God bless my friends

Not everyone on earth gets a friend like Kottam

God bless you my friend

This life is yours

How long have we been friends since we died?

  There is no more room in my heart

Friend, you have made the whole place your own

The doctor laughed seeing our hand

Your friends are the cure for your illness

What can I write in your praise, friend?

You are very special in my life

friendship poetry quotes

  It is not difficult to recognize my friends

They used to forget to smile when they saw me crying

Friends are what the heart likes

We don't buy relationships looking for profit

Friends are more rich than wealth

Do not see the poor in friendship, nor see the rich in friendship

Evil do not listen to me

My friends in my absence

I was always looking for a good friend

When you found a friend, my search was complete

Everything looks good as new

All old friends are good

Friendship is the most beautiful relationship

There is no other relationship on earth like this relationship

Forks are also accepted for the sake of friends

These are the rules of our friendship

friendship poetry quotes

We could not touch the sky, friends

But friends must live in the heart

Some angels became our friends

Running away from God's house

We are starting to love you, friend

As we test you

My friends were dearer than myself

Those who have met us by fate in this world

This life looks very beautiful

When a friend like you is found

May God strengthen your friendship

May death be yours and may your name be ours

Whose friends are perfect

They are Nawab in the world

Death is beautiful

Who came in the friendship of friends

God willing, we will die before that

We will decorate heaven before our friends come

Friendship is never beautiful

It happens from one heart to another

His face looks very beautiful

Whose value is from the heart

Some say tree and some say poor

There is only one friend who calls me his shadow

Don't be afraid of our mischief friends

Tomorrow will remember those moments

What distance will stop our friendship?

We live in the heart of our friend

It is our habit to remember it daily

Our friend is very beautiful

I am destined to have friends like you

Looks like a beautifully written fate

Even if I am not sweet, there is no point in drinking

If there are no friends like you in life, there is no point in living

friendship poetry quotes

Who says it ruins friendship?

An example of our friendship to the world

Your friendship has never been broken

Friends, you must do it whether the conversation is yours or not

Life is not always so precious

How precious you are in my life, friend

It was not a coincidence that we met friends

It was written in our destiny

You have written friend in your life diary

I have written my grief to you, friend

By collecting all the beautiful words

Write your friend's cute name

Don't tell your secrets to your friends

Friends also have friends

There are arrows in friendship in this era

Yet we have not lost since that time

My friend did not see that time

This is what we pray to our Lord

I cry because of the enemy's death

You were my very dear friend

There is no reason to be friends

It is a loyalty of two friends

I love my friend more than life

Dearest of all things of this age, my friend

How can I forget my friend from my heart?

His love in my heart will not be erased

A good friend is not for everyone

If you find a good friend, value it

Not everyone is a friend

A true friend like my friend

 Best quotes about friendship and very cute poetry about friendship

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