mother father love quotes

The best quotes written on the life of parents and loving poetry of parents.

mother father love quotes

1. The shadow of the father is the greatest blessing in the world.

2. Father is the lamp of light in the house, father is the strongest foundation of the house.

3. He who has learned from his father cannot lose in any field of the world.

4. Even if the father gets old, the main support of the house is there.

5. When I am suffering and suffering, then I become brave by thinking of my father that my son is a lion.

6. My father has taught me to smile in pain and face all suffering bravely.

7. The tears that fall from the eyes of the parents in the love of the children, the children can never repay the debt of those tears.

8. Keeping your voice low while talking to your father

So that God does not get angry with you.

9. When a father becomes a writer, he has many expectations from his children, just as he did when he was a child.

10. Parents are a person who scolds you and makes you cry and makes you laugh and makes you smile. Such a person is a parent.

mother father love quotes

11. Wise people say that funerals would be silent if there were no daughters.

12. The knowledge that the Father gives you will not be found anywhere in the whole world.

13. Serve your parents before they leave this world and you have to visit their graves and pray.

14. Daughters love their father the most

Because daughters know that a father is a person who can never deceive them. May Allah bless everyone's parents forever.

15. When your sustenance begins to decrease, understand that you have stopped praying for your parents.

16. Parents bear every pain in the world

But if the children give them any pain, they cannot bear it.

17. I can never fall because my parents taught me to walk.

18. If you want to know about the person who loves you the most, it is your parents.

19. If I get this life again

So I will sacrifice this life again to my parents.

20. A person does not become old by aging, but by thinking and thinking, a person becomes old.

mother father love quotes

21. Whose father's finger has gone away

Do not forget this father in his old age.

22. What is the use of getting such knowledge and what is the use of getting such degrees, what is the use of such wealth that takes you away from your parents.

23. In making your dreams come true

Your father is your greatest helper.

24. By looking at your parents with love

That your Hajj will also be done and Allah Almighty will also be satisfied.

25. Father is the one who gave you high rank and status, now how can you honor your parents.

26. If you want to achieve your goal.

27. So take the prayers of your parents, they will make you successful in this world as well as in the hereafter.

28. If you want the pleasure of Allah Ta'ala

So look at your parents with love.

29. Believe everything your father says, success will fall at your feet.

30. Remember that never bring tears to your parents' eyes because of the pain you have given them.

mother father love quotes

31. These tears will not let you into heaven.

32. Who never disobeyed his parents

He achieved his goal.

33. If you want to get the love of your parents

So never cause pain and suffering to other people.

34. If you have even a little time, look at the faces of your parents and see how old and broken they have become while making your future better.

 35.  A father is a tree under whose shade children reign.

36. Father is that great being of the world, from whom you ask for two stars, the whole sky will give you.

37. The most difficult role to play in life is the father.

38. Mother, to fulfill your dreams, Sahara day burns in the sun.

39..If the father is not alive, then it is known how painless the age is.

40. A father is an angel who basks in the sun but keeps his children in the shade.

mother father love quotes

41. How difficult life is if the father is not alive then you know.

42. A mother prayer changes the destiny of his children.

43. A father's life is spent to improve the life of his children.

44.  A father is such a great person whose presence in the home gives a sense of security.

45. The best friend in the world can be none other than mother.

46. Father is such a strong rock of the world that we cannot break even if we want to.

47. He who has learned to follow the words of his father is perfect in the world.

48. I do not know what my Lord has written in my destiny, but when my father smiles at me, I feel that I am very destined.

49. I have many other relationships in the world but every time I am surrounded by grief and suffering.

50. So then no one supports me except my mother.

mother father love quotes

51. A father's life is like a book, each page of which is faithfully written.

52. A father is a responsible person who runs his household with his blood and sweat.

53. He who speaks loudly to his mother, Allah Ta'ala lowers him.

54. If it was possible in the world, I would dedicate my every breath to the name of my father.

55. What makes his father angry makes the whole place angry.

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