father love lines in english

Father is a character whose definition is less than anything, but we have come to your service with a few quotes related to the character of father.

father love lines in english

1. Whoever listens and understands all the words of his father carefully and follows them, he does not have to listen to the people of this world.

2. While cooking, the mother gets burnt on the stove and the father gets burnt in the sun.

3. Father's love is not enough for daughters.

4. Whenever my pocket is empty, I miss my father a lot.

5. Those children who treat their parents well, Allah Almighty has given them the good news of paradise.

6. No matter how weak and old the father wants to be

7. The strongest roof of the house is the father.

8. In the house where there is the shadow of the father's voice and speech, the mercy of Allah is showered in that house.

9. Never give grief to your parents

10.  Otherwise, the world will be nothing but sorrow for you.

father love lines in english

11. Father is the gate of heaven, just think if you want to pass through the gate, you have to treat your father well.

12. When the father leaves this world, then the children find out that those who were theirs have also started to seem alien.

13. The moments you spent with your father are the most precious.

14. Even if the father is poor, still he is the king for the children.

15. Remember that the Father is the one who brought you out of the darkness and into the light.

16. Love your parents more than anything in the world.

17. Daughters have the most benevolent father when they leave the father's shadow and go to another house, then they realize the mercy of the father's house.

18. Whenever your father calls you, run to your father. Do not let it happen that you long to hear your father's voice.

19.  Father is your friend in this world who considers your problems as his problems and your sorrows as his sorrows.

20. Life without a father is very difficult

father love lines in english

21. Father is your best friend in your difficult paths.

22. When the father goes out in search of sustenance for his children, he does not even notice how intense the sun is.

23. The father is the light in the darkness, the father is the lamp of light.

24. Hold your father's hand firmly on the difficult paths of life.

25. Allah Almighty has placed heaven under the feet of mother, but if your father gets angry with you, you will not be allowed to enter heaven.

26. Your father is most happy for your success.

27. Read the book of the life of the father. Then you will know that the father has spent his life only for you.

28. He who has offended his parents, the world

29. He stumbled so hard that he never recovered.

30. If you want to escape the harshness of the world, bear the harshness of your father.

father love lines in english

31. The father runs his house with blood and sweat, such is the character of the father.

32.  When I feel sad

So I miss my dad a lot

33. Who else can love you like a father? Try it and see the whole time.

34.  The one who shows the heart of the parents is humiliated and disgraced in this world and the hereafter.

35. Parents who pray for their children are accepted before all other prayers.

36.  I don't ask anything else from you

Just keep the shadow of my parents on my head.

37. Give time to your parents, it will give you peace of mind and you will get happiness.

38. Mother's lap is the most peaceful place in the world

39. There is no better place to rest than a mother's lap.

40. A teacher of knowledge like father will not be found in the whole world.

father love lines in english

41.  I have walked holding my father's finger

Will these difficult paths bring me down?

42. I still miss you love

O my beloved Baba, come back again.

43. Walking on the difficult paths of life, whenever I get tired, I miss my Baba a lot.

44. You have taken away my life, my dear father

What pain will life give me?

45. Take me on your shoulder with your love

I cry remembering my dear father.

46. I have left your home my dear father

Remember me in your prayers.

47. All the colors of life will return

So come back my dear father.

48. Whenever I asked God, I prayed

May my father live long, my dear God.

49. This time has tormented me a lot

I miss your mother very much.

50. Love started with you, my father

People of this world love for fun.

father love lines in english

51. All those objections with you are mine

Not completed after you, my father.

52. Whenever I stumble, I miss you

Whenever the times fell, I remembered you, my father.

53. Your name is written with my name, Mere Baba

See how much your love is with me.

54. Whenever I get hurt

I remember my father telling me that my son is a tiger and tigers always get such injuries.

55. My father, that is what you used to say

That my son can never lose.

56. Then victory was written in my destiny.

57. A father is such a great person who sweats day and night for his children. Children cannot pay the price of father's sweat in any case.

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