father love lines-love lines for father

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father love lines-love lines for father

1.In the house where the father's voice is heard, there is a great mercy of Allah in that house.

2.A father is a tree that tolerates the sun and gives shade to its children.

3.If I could, I would dedicate my every breath to the name of my father.

4.Father is a great blessing of Allah Almighty.

5.Even for four days no one can maintain such a companionship

A father spends his whole life with him.

6.If the father is alive, the luck is also good.

7.God bless when a daughter asks her father for something

So this father's pocket should never be empty.

father love lines-love lines for father

7.The greatest support is a father's arm for a daughter.

8.Children need parents in childhood

And parents need their children in old age.

9.We realize when we grow older that our parents were right.

10.Parents are such a blessing that whenever you feel sad, they comfort you in your sadness and make you strong. And no one can give advice like parents.

11.All the joys of time my father brings for me He fulfills all my desires.

12.Even if the father's age goes into old age

But the strongest wall of every home is the father.

13.A father is a being who loves like a mother and loves like a father.

14.There was not so much courage in my emotions

All this has been given by my father

Made me stronger than any rock.

15.Whenever you ask God to pray for the life of your parents.

16.The most loyalty in the world is in parents, no one can be more loyal than them.

father love lines-love lines for father

17.A father burns in the sun and a mother burns on the stove

Then go and have children.

18.A precious diamond can be found in the market, but a parent cannot be found.

19.I bear the sorrow of the age

The prayers of my parents are with me.

20.I love you and daughter equally

Both love dolls very much.

21.A father is a being who never gets tired of working hard for his children and never gives up.

22.Beautiful or not, daughters are always fair to their fathers.

23.The shadow of the father is enough than the wealth of the father.

24.A husband should never do this if he thinks that it is his father's life before making his wife cry.

25.A father's love is such a debt that a daughter or a son cannot repay in their lifetime.

26.If the father wants to, he should choose all the thorns that come in the daughter's life and lay only flowers on the path.

father love lines-love lines for father

27.My father treats me like a princess, I'm not that beautiful.

28.The most fragrant love is that of a father

Which is never broken by any stone or sword

A father's love is that rock.

29.If someone says to you that I will give my life for you, then you should think that you are the life of your father.

30.My father is a king who always takes care of me and loves me.

31.As long as the father is alive, every daughter lives in the house like a princess.

32.Sleeping with head on father's arm is the fate of lucky daughters.

33.  Father is the only book in the world that gives you the best advice on how to live.

35. One who has learned to hold the father's hand never needs to hold another's feet.

36.  Every father wants you to be more successful than your father.

37. Father is a ladder that leads you to success.

 38. It is like the sun

A father who is hot

But if there is no sun, then there is darkness without the sun.

father love lines-love lines for father

39. He who does not understand the words of his father. Time will explain him very well.

40. Endure the severity of your father so that Allah Almighty will elevate you in this world.

41. Never blame your parents for what your parents did to you. Your parents may have lived with the same things.

42. Father plays the most difficult role in life

And the biggest and most difficult responsibility is your father.

43. The richest man in the world is a father who does not refuse even when his pocket is empty.

44. Father is the best and most successful advice giver in life.

45. If you treat your parents well, your father will never grow old in his old age and his shoulders will never weaken.

46. Father is such a great person, whose children can never pay even a drop of sweat.

47. Never talk to your father in a loud voice because God will make you the lowest of all.

48. In the house in which the voice of a father echoes, the mercy of Allah is showered in that house.

father love lines-love lines for father

49. Pus is such a strong rock that even the world cannot break it.

50. A father is a responsible person who works hard day and night to run his house.

A father is a protector who watches over the whole family.

51. He who has the shadow of his father is the most fortunate in the world.

52. You can never repay your father's sweat.

53. My father is not a king

But every father treats his daughter like a princess.

54..Be sure to sit with your parents before it's too late and you have to go to the graveyard to meet them.

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