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 The greatest trouble and the worst misfortune is that a person becomes a lover of the world.

The origin of the strength of the heart (j) is to rely on Allah Ta'ala and the origin of its correction (c) is to engage in the remembrance of Allah Ta'ala.

The essence (jaz) of patience is to have good faith in Allah Ta'ala and the best pleasure is trusting in His Most High.

The root of haz-gari is to refrain from sin and to avoid forbidden things.

The best form of modesty is that you show respect to your Lord and the worst injustice is that you do not fulfill the rights of your Lord who created you.

 Beware of trusting in a person who trusts in him, it never helps him. The best wisdom is that a person knows himself and stays on his own level, that is, he does not say or do anything beyond his worth. does not .

The most saving thing is abstinence from sins.

Undoubtedly, it is more necessary for you to act on what is known than to acquire knowledge of unknown things, and undoubtedly, to accumulate wealth, it is more necessary to spend the wealth earned than to earn.

 Undoubtedly, in the Hereafter, no action will be more beneficial in the sight of Allah than patience, contentment, fear and desire. Indeed, you will surely get your destiny, Allah Almighty is responsible for your sustenance.

 Whatever is written in your fate in destiny, you will surely get it, so save your soul from the misery of greed and the humiliation of seeking (so fear Allah Almighty and seek sustenance with ease and don't be too confused and surprised).

Keep with you as much wealth as you need and give the rest in the way of Allah, that it will be useful to you on the day of need (the Day of Resurrection).

 Do not be attracted by the world, lest when death comes, you will find yourself far away from your Lord in search of it.

 Make your heart alive with sermons and advice, dead with asceticism, strong with faith and aware of the events of the world.

Mix gentleness with harshness, but when things don't work without harshness, use harshness.

Help the religion of Allah Ta'ala with your heart, hand and tongue, because whoever helps his religion, Allah Ta'ala is the guarantor and guarantor of his help and support.

In fact, the name of charity is that a person should be stingy with his own self, but not stop feeding other people.

 Give up the thought of useless useless things to get respect and eat less food so as not to get sick.

 Do not hesitate to do good to people and do not hurt anyone even by mistake.

 Protect your stomach and private parts from Haram, may Allah be pleased with you! Will deal with the matter.

The wealth that increases the most is the one with which the Hereafter will be bought and the one who will be punished the soonest is false oath. Beware of oppression that the oppressor will be deprived of even the smell of Paradise. Avoid all such actions that make the nobles hate you and humiliate your value. Verily, Allah Ta'ala has enjoined upon you piety and made it a source of pleasure from His creation. So fear your Lord, who gives you sustenance at all times: and in whose power is your life.

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