best quotes in english

 If kindness, if you cannot give anything to the weak, be kind to him.

 He who listens to backbiting is among those who backbite. The scholar is the one who studied knowledge and acted on it.

 Wealth often darkens the heart and mind. But knowledge can burn the mind.

 Do not greet the person who slanders a chaste woman. Religion is the treasure and knowledge is the way.

Knowledge without action is a burden and action without sincerity is worthless.

Even if the scholar is in a low state, don't think that he is humiliated by the wind.

 If you are a fool, do not think that you are bigger than the air. Governments are a testing ground for human beings.

What is lacking in the world is truth and trust and what is most abundant.

 It is a lie and a betrayal. Indeed, such is the example of this world and the hereafter.

Like a man having two wives, when he pleases one, the other becomes unhappy.

The bitterness of this world is the pleasure of the Hereafter and the sweetness and pleasure of the Hereafter is the bitterness of this world.

Every soul of man is a step towards death.

 How does a person rejoice at the age that diminishes with the passage of hours and why is he respected for the safety of his body?

Which is the target of disasters everywhere. A scholar is one who acts on his knowledge.

The friendship of the worldly people goes away from a simple and low thing. He is my best friend.

For which you have to suffer. Being sorry for sins erases them, and being proud of good deeds destroys them.

It is a wonder at the condition of the person who knows the punishment of Allah Ta'ala and then insists on sins.

Everything can be changed except instinct and structure.

A hypocrite's knowledge is on his tongue and a believer's knowledge is on his heart and he acts accordingly.

A man's intellect is the manager of all his affairs, literature is his strength and truth is the one who increases his blessings.

Self-sacrifice is the goal of virtuous conduct, contentment is the fruit of meekness, and good intellect is the goal of human perfection.

 A man's honor is a sign of faith and his grace and excellence are known from his sayings.

 Doing good is the remaining capital growing fruit.

Those who wipe away bad deeds with their hands and tongue and consider evil in their heart, such people are full of good qualities.

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