allah quotes in english

 Avoiding sin is better than getting reward.

Do not recognize the truth through people, but recognize the people of the truth with the truth.

Don't stop doing good whenever you don't find anyone who appreciates it.

Those who speak obscenities and those who publish obscenities are equal in sin.

May Allah have mercy on Abu Bakr, may Allah have mercy on Umar, they were the first people who collected the Qur'an in book form.

 The first act of worship is that a person should be patient in suffering and wait for help from Allah Ta'ala to get well.

Cultivate within yourself these five qualities: reforming the hereafter, concern for the future, avoiding vices, seeking virtues and humility

Save yourself from these four vices so that the hereafter will be filled with envy, hatred, self-harm and anger.

 Adopt these three traits to get rank. Generosity, purity, seriousness.

 Allah Ta'ala has rewarded His servant with all the blessings. Among them, knowledge, intellect, justice and government are the best. Every person's destiny is his own action.

Which he can perform with beauty and excellence. Long hopes forget the hereafter and following desires prevents from the truth.

Three things are essential for the popularity of the process. Good intention, faith, effort with rights. In the Qur'an, what is meant by a narrow life is that a person should be addicted to kasab haram.

The deeds of the righteous will be weighed. Except for those who are patient, wealth is the source of desires.

Seek refuge in God from the pleasure of wealth. It is a long masti, that it comes to consciousness after a long time.

 The oppressors have three constitutions. First, to disobey one superior to oneself, secondly to oppress the weak, thirdly to persecute by supporting other oppressors.

The worst equipment for the Day of Resurrection oppresses the servants of God. Son of Adam! Do not worry about the coming day, because if you have life on that day, God will bring your sustenance along with it.

Ask for sustenance by giving charity. He who believes in reciprocity acts generously in giving.

Giving up leisure time is the cause of grief. Speak to each person according to his understanding.

A wise man exalts himself by lowering himself, and a foolish man exalts himself.

A wise man's chest is the treasure of his secrets. The beauty of his face is the state of love, his forbearance is the grave of faults, which hides his faults.

 He who does not have knowledge should not be ashamed to learn knowledge because the acquisition of knowledge is the duty of every Muslim.

 No honor with rudeness. Avarice accumulates all defects. Knowledge is better than wealth.

Protects wealth while knowledge protects you. But Hezgar is one whose soul is pure and his character is good.

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