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Indeed, the world is a house of troubles and a place of temptations.

It flees from him who runs after it, and he who gains insight by seeing its events becomes fully wise.

 . Indeed, the people of Paradise are those who have perfect faith, gentleness and meekness, and without a doubt, those who avoid sins and are pure and benevolent.

Indeed, the best Jihad is for a man to fight against his own self, and undoubtedly the best faith is for a man to do justice to himself.

Verily, the true and real things of the world are also like things of play and amusement, and its honor has actually seen humiliation and its rise and progress has actually seen degradation.

Indeed, all those who walk on the back of the earth will surely be buried in its belly.

Verily, your souls are unstoppable camels, if you obey them, they will drag you to every abode.

Indeed, people are generally not free of defects, so do not reveal the hidden defects of anyone, their decision is in the power of Allah Almighty.

If He wills, He will forgive and hide people's faults as far as possible from you so that Allah Ta'ala hides your faults which you want to hide.

. Indeed, the abode of faith is the heart.

Verily, the people of Paradise will see our community and the house of the subjugated people in the same way that people see the stars in the sky.

Indeed, your age is the only time in which you exist because the past is gone and the future has no end.

 Verily, justice is the name of it, that you decide with justice and avoid cruelty. Verily, cruelty is as bad as justice is good.

 Verily, for those who grasp wisdom and lessons, there is advice and lesson in everything.

 Indeed, it is appropriate for a believer that when he does something against his faith, he should be ashamed of it and be humbled by God Almighty.

 Indeed, justice is a scale of Allah Almighty which He has made to differentiate between right and wrong and has placed it in the world to establish the truth, O believer, you should not go against His scales and in His Kingdom Don't compete with

Verily, the struggle of the self prevents him from committing sins and saves him from death.

Indeed, virtuous and benevolent people are more inclined to benevolent than the Taliban.

Verily, the friends of Allah are those who think their death is near and think their hopes small and do more righteous deeds and eat fewer mistakes.

Verily speaking better than deed is a kind of defect and surely deed being better than spoken is superior and beautiful.

 Indeed, it is the way of the Saints of Allah that they are the most busy in the remembrance of Allah Almighty, they are always grateful for His blessings, and they adopt mabar above all in adversity.

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