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Poem To Love

Husband Wife Love

A wife gives everything to get her husband's love, she just wants a loving look from her husband, seeing which she forgets all her pain.


   A wife's wish is fulfilled when her husband embraces her and says whatever I am, I am with you and only for you.

Husband & Wife

  The wife is the foundation of the house and the husband is the pillar of the house, if both are strong then the courtyard of the house is filled with happiness.

No matter how much you fight, rage, ignore, know that I will never leave you.

Poem To Love

Achieving perfection is not

  It is wonderful to keep close to the heart

No one in the world can give me the happiness that I get from just talking to you my dear

I don't know why we fell in love with you so much that we got used to you more than anything else.

Poem To Love

My Dear Sweet Husband 

You Are My Heart I Love You So Much

I'm lucky to have Jaan

Every daughter is the darling of her parents. Being the darling of her partner is a matter of luck and I have got such luck.

O Lord of the worlds

  I don't want anything else, I pray from my life that one person becomes my companion. (Amen)

Poem To Love

Your voice is sorely Indian

O my kind, speak

The name is also taken by others

You speak my life

He is the dearest to me, Lord, keep him and me always. Amen

Prayers have gone towards Arsh

You just prepare to be mine.

Poem To Love


 "My Love" My Lifeline You Are My World I Love You So Much

Husband & Wife

  When we give you our time, we give you a part of our life that we can never get back. And you are a very important part of my life.

First a person became my self

Then the whole universe was created

I love you Jaan

  I don't know why we fell in love with you so much that we got used to you more than anything else.

I want to love you like this always

try to pick you up

You hold my hand and hug me and go to sleep

Poem To Love

If you love your husband, see that no other man will look better than your husband

Husband and wife

  When a husband treats his wife with love, Allah Almighty likes this act very much.

Kissing the head of a sleeping husband is a beautiful tribute to the love of a loving wife.

It is not enough for everyone to be in touch with someone without meaning and to be sincere.

Husband Wife

For a wife, her husband is the total universe, she can be happy only in the presence of her husband.

Husband Wife love

  It is the right of a woman to cry to her husband, and it is the duty of a husband to please and celebrate his wife.

  Along with the flower, there should be acacia in the vase

So what happened to his disloyalty will have some consequences

Poem To Love

Just talk to you

Not by the desires of the world

Husband and wife

  A woman's greatest strength is a husband who understands her, in whose shadow she always feels safe.

A wife's gift

  The best gift a husband can give to his wife is his time, attention and love.

My world my happiness

  The evils from you will end only with you

May Allah 

make my husband wear a garment of prosperity, May Allah subjugate the angels of the heavens to help my husband, May Allah open all the doors of abundant sustenance for my husband, or May Allah bless my husband in his lifetime. May Allah heal my husband from all diseases and sorrows, Ameen

Always remember this from me

That life has to be lived, right?

So it will pass. Eat dried oats. Wear old clothes

Wear old shoes but remember. Where you are not respected.

Be a friend there ever.

Poem To Love

Husband & Wife

If your wife gets angry over the smallest thing

Gets angry over the smallest thing. You know why she does this. She only wants your attention, your love, your time.

Nothing happened but they are abroad and I am sad

Come on man

  This time too will pass

  A message for my husband

To tell him that I love him dearly. To say that he is the support of my life, there are many people dear to me, but he is the best

That's cute to say


  If I am blessed with thousands of lives in return for your love, I promise to spend them with you because I want your face in my eyes for life.

The only thing is that if someone gives me everything in exchange for you, I will turn it down and ask for you.

Poem To Love

my darling

  I have so many great wishes but if I only get you, none of my wishes will matter. I am so complete with you.

My Dear Sweet Husband 

You Are My Heart I Love You So Much




Lucky wife

Happy is not the woman who has all the luxuries in the world, but happy is the woman who has the love of her husband.


When a Girl Loves True

So it changes the person completely

Get rid of his bad habits

She can never bear to see him in pain

Even if they are on the wrong side of the gate

That she leads him on the right path

A little bit of decency on a bad path

Such girls never intend to cheat

If you love with all intensity

Such girls are just wholeheartedly loyal

Which is never easily found

Such girls exist not only in movies but also in reality. And yes, it exists among people.

Your intention should be clear

To understand and take care of such girls and keep them always

If yes, you have such a girl

So always keep her happy and never be the cause of her tears

Poem To Love


You are my world to me

What I asked for is you

What is it that I felt?

All I wanted was love

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