life success quotes in english 2023

Allah Ta'ala has not left any person idle to do whatever He pleases, rather there will be an reckoning with everyone.

Love is not born from anything else, just as generosity is born from kindness, kindness from a benevolent people.

That which is obtained by spending good wealth and is not obtained by anything else, and nothing detracts from honor like miserliness.

. There are many reasons for learning lessons, but those who learn lessons are few.

A person who brought knowledge to life is never counted among the dead.

 Malice is a very bad name, and mischief is utter wretchedness and misery.

The closeness that comes from divine worship and obedience cannot be matched by anything else.

 Nothing like pride and arrogance is harmful to good deeds.

There is no deed more beloved and favored by Allah Ta'ala than that a Muslim relieves the suffering of another Muslim.

 It is a great fault in a man that he does not see his faults.

 Success and failure are in the power of Allah Almighty, the work of man is only effort.

The best virtue is to refrain from unlawful acts. And the best attribute of religion is advice and benevolence.

 The best thing to do is to avoid hazing.

Lowering the gaze is an entry into Marwat.

The goal of all virtues is knowledge and the goal of knowledge is seriousness and humility.

The enmity of close relatives hurts more than the sting of scorpions.

Maintained association with people of grace and companions of perfection to achieve happiness and greatness.

 The slave of greed is always miserable and miserable.

 The slave of lust is an eternal prisoner and he too cannot be freed from its prison.

 I wonder at the state of a person who sees people die and forgets his own death.

 Faith is based on honesty and trust. I wonder at the condition of the person who searches for his lost thing and forgets his self and does not search for it.

Accustom your tongue to say gentle words and greetings and do not pay attention to those things that will not improve your reformation and righteousness by listening to them.

Because this action rusts the hearts and leads to service.

It is the duty of the student to suffer himself in the pursuit of knowledge.

 Never be weary in the acquisition of knowledge and do not overestimate what you have learned.

 In the manner of the blessings, trouble and misfortune occur, and according to the amount of trouble, there is reward and reward.

 Make it a duty to do good to people and be kind to relatives.

Hold on to generosity and good nature because they increase sustenance and love.

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