allah quotes in english 2023

 Hypocrisy (confession with the tongue and denial with the heart) is a very evil trait.

A spacious cotton is a kind of gift, a sight in the divine nature is a guide and religion is a very good lineage.

 A good wife is a kind of relief, grief is a kind of old age and jealousy is a kind of punishment.

External beauty and beauty is the name of good appearance and inner beauty is the name of beauty and good character.

 Books are the garden of scholars, the wisdom of elders and the happiness of writers.

Therefore, the mercy of Allah Almighty is revealed, and punishment is revealed by persisting in sin.

Broad-mindedness has been friendship, and friendship with justice always lasts.

 Even if there is fear in the truth, but there will be salvation in it, and there is fear in the lie, but there will be destruction.

 A benefactor is a person whose actions confirm his words, and concern for the blessings of God is a great act of worship. He who listens to backbiting is an accomplice of the sinner.

 To think of wasted things is to lose time and to be attracted to the world is to earn the displeasure of God Almighty. Doing good to a bastard is a very bad thing.

If a person gives something, his sin becomes greater than the reward of his charity.

Solitude is good from a companion.

Do not trust the promises and confessions of a person who is not religious, and do not humiliate yourself by being friends with a person who does not have loyalty. Friendship and love of the world, end with the end of means.

Knowledge is gained through experience and guidance is gained through learning.

 Keep seeking Allah's help to save your religion. Dignity and solemnity in old age are dearer to me than the freshness of youth. But chastity protects a person from every slander.

 Shamelessness and indecency for man, defects and seriousness are for him adornment, light and wisdom.

 Disobedient children are a great hardship and calling. Manhood consists in killing the sins of your brothers and keeping your neighbors informed.

 Repentance of the heart erases sins and makes evils pure.

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