love all trust a few do wrong to none

love all trust a few do wrong to none

love all trust a few do wrong to none

1. "In love no one dies without someone The most sensitive mother in the world feels your pain. Because she loves you the most.

2."Love changes you, takes away all your heartache."

3."Love has no boundaries, a lover breaks all boundaries."

4."Very few people get to live together in love.Love is not that easy."

5."The love we make with someone in silence. That love exists only in the heart , but this love conquers the heart silently."

6."If love is only one side. And when the one we love loves someone else, it becomes very difficult to live without him."

7."Finding love is not so easy. "

8."Someone knows how to understand love. Love is a relationship feeling knows how to handle this relationship."

9."Love is such a paradise. Which not everyone gets."

10.Love is a promise to keep together and not everyone can keep this promise."

Best quotes about love

love all trust a few do wrong to none

11."Love is a relationship that invites two people to be together."

12."Love gives such a life. In which happiness is only happiness."

13."The word love is very beautiful. Which makes a beautiful relationship for lovers."

14."Love is such a worship. Not everyone is lucky."

15."Not everyone is destined to get what you love."

16."Love is the name of the yearning of the heart. Love is such a thirst Before which man becomes helpless."

17."If you love someone. And he breaks your heart. But you still love him."

18."Such love is very difficult. When the person in front of you doesn't love you."

19."Crying and celebrating in love is also very beautiful. And it makes the love relationship beautiful."

20."Love changes lovers.Even if love is obtained and even if love is not obtained."

Beautiful love quotes

love all trust a few do wrong to none

21."The ones we love. We can never force them to talk. If they agree out of love, fine, otherwise they remain silent."

22."Love made me familiar with every pain.I loved this person."

23."Love makes every heart alive.Make love to someone and see."

24."If you love your parents. So you know how to love and this is a great favor of Allah  to you."

 25."When love happens, it doesn't see whether the other person is rich or poor, it just happens.

Love does not look at a beautiful face nor does it look at the color of the face, it just becomes love."

26."True love comes from the soul, not the body."

27."Love is a fragrance that perfumes the heart."

28."Love is a magic on which only the person knows how deep the effect of love is."

29."There is no greed in love, love is without greed."

30."Love never hurts but teaches the lover."

Romantic Love Quotes

love all trust a few do wrong to none

31."Love is a desire that is not in every heart."

32."Love is such an emotion. Which makes a person forget everything in the world."

33."Love is a transaction in which we make the other our own with love."

34."No wealth in the world can buy love.Love has no price."

35."Love is such a fire. In which the lover burns and cannot be seen."

36."Love trumps reason. Reason can never win over love."

37."Love paints the lover in its own color."

38."Love is a disease from which the patient never recovers. Until he finds his love."

39."Love is an addiction that is very difficult to recover from."

40."Love is such a stubbornness that even if it is not achieved, love is not disappointed."

41."Love is very innocent. Who finds her lover."

Quotes about love and life

love all trust a few do wrong to none

42."Love doesn't need words."

43."Love does not need distance."

44."Love continues to feel from one heart to another."

45."Love is sometimes seen as a smile."

46."Sometimes love is seen through words."

47."Sometimes love is seen through tears.

And sometimes silent love is seen."

48."Love is helpless, nothing is beyond love. Love endures all pain.Love is sacrificed to the front."

49."Love is the peace of the soul. Love is peace of heart."

50."Love is such a reality. Which can never be hidden."

Inspirational Quotes

51."Love is a garden whose fruits are sweet.The soul finds peace."

 52."When a person finds someone to love, he forgets all his pains."

53."Love is the food of the soul. Love is a relationship that teaches humanity."

54."When someone makes a place in your heart through love.So you can never forget it. Try as you may."

55.Love starts with the eyes.It makes its home in the heart."

56."When you love someone, he becomes the peace of your heart."

57."The person who gives you the most happiness. That's where the person gives you the most grief."

58."When a person is cheated in love, he is completely broken."

59."In solitude, love God who is the ocean of love."

60."Love is such a hunger of man, which never fades."

Love Life Quotes

love all trust a few do wrong to none

61."Love everyone so that when you leave this world, they will remember you with good words."

62."Love is the happiness of man.And because of this happiness, the world of the human heart becomes desolate."

63."Love is such a power.Who can beat anyone."

64."When love turns into hate. Then this hatred is very terrible."

65."Love is such a book.Every word of which is very beautiful."

66."Love hurts you too.Love also gives you happiness. Love is also the way out of grief."

67."When you fall in love with someone. Then you don't get peace of mind even without that person."

68."Love is when it is with God. "

69."The more intense the love. Hatred is equally intense."

70."People who are cheated in love are very soft hearted.Because they are innocent."

71."A heart of stone can be turned into wax by love."

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