short poems about falling in love


You will be in love

 All those slaves are yours

 Who were with the flowers

 Those bites are yours too

 In the gathering of these slaves 

We love you too 

You said that with a smile 

We are only yours

 This is the game of love 

We also lost to you

 What is not expressed in words

 Let me tell you that story

 One person was a little crazy

 He loved someone

 He remembers her every


He used to sit and cry

There was no loyalty to him

With his name he often

unfaithful  used to write and cry

One person was a little crazy

Then he would go to sleep

He called himself crazy

One day he slept like that

He neither cried nor smiled again

This world was broken

 Hiding the pain in the heart


When he remembered me

Separation haunts me again

Suspect his love

 Then Shakir wrote a ghazal today


Will complain to you one day

Unfaithful to me

I remember you

 Wafa is doing to me


With love in the heart

 Let's go to that person's city


Given in difficult places

 Your memory is with me


It is in your heart

 All sorrows have been cured


We remember you often

 They sleep from China


What will the sorrows of time torment us?

My friend lives with healing in his heart


Your love is in your desire

 We are living like the living


The heart is helpless in your love

 China does not meet the pain does not stop your son


The person is very friendly

Who played with my heart


 With the support of your love

Gone are my loneliness


This is the beauty that blooms

All this is your grace


I took your name with every breath

O my guide


We love God

 Then we started smiling


Remembering that unfaithful

 We cry often


These eyes are your way of hope

Been watching for a while


On all routes in all destinations

We were travelers with you


There was a complaint from this person

 He was not unfaithful, but he became unfaithful


These tears are in my eyes

All this is your grace


China does not meet this heart

Until we miss you


 He was unfaithful who died

Leaving my world


This is the scent that is in my heart

  Will tell you one day


Spring has sprung in all lawns

When he came he was the person


You are the medicine of my heart

 My unfaithful idol


They used to hate me

He started to love


This evening silence, this loneliness

 I am afraid of being alone


He left my city

 By robbing me of everything


Set fire to this cruel world

Smiles with pain


 We often photograph you

 Sometimes confused with myself,

 sometimes confused with you


 These fading letters from books

Then who will write the love story?



The pain did not heal

 Looked in every heart

I was destined to lose

 We have seen it everywhere

Disgraceful in every gathering

 Your unfaithfulness to us

We missed you every time

 We spent the night crying

The heart has fallen in love with you

 to see your faithfulness

My heart has been healed

 Unfaithful to your love

Look at your desire

 The state of our heart

May luck be with us

 Will come when in your city

This person's love

 Time has forgotten us

Ask and see the flowers

 They were saying you are handsome

Did you listen toٓ my heart?

 Your yearning for love has begun

Whenever you come to us

My heart starts pounding

Your love has stolen even in sleep

From weeks to months

We thank you in memory

 We have passed every moment

Believe that in your 

 Let's go to his city

Trust in your 

Let's go to his city

The person who left me alone

 He seemed so innocent

There is an ocean of your memory

 In this heart of mine

I spent my life with you

O dweller in my heart

The people of your city

 What a shame to hear your name

A prayer came from my heart

Whenever you remember me

 This evening loneliness is your separation

She is embarrassing me

These moments of pain will be spent

With this time

Will pass with loneliness

Tonight is our night

From every wound in my heart

Praying for you

Loyalty is also

 In this unfaithful person

 Best support of your memory

He supports me every moment

Loyal to you

 My heart was touched

Who will sell in your love

Those people were lucky

Your name was in every party

O my beloved

By putting on a concert of pain

This crazy heart is sitting

Ask with tears in those eyes

Keep flowing by remembering you

What will your son do?

 Do not think our heart

Ask every part of my heart

What did you do to this heart?

Ask about last night

Ask someone to spend the night

Hide your love in your heart

We have passed through your city

Don't mess with me

 Oh my unfaithful friend

There was sleep in my eyes

There were tears for your memory

Come back now

 It's evening again

Your separation broke

 To this heart of mine

Don't be sad, my friend

 From pain written in destiny

I have your love in my heart

This will be told to you one day

We keep complaining about you

 Disloyal to you

Let us be your world

Will leave one day

 Wafa also does 

Remember you from us

Tears in the eyes, loyalty in the heart

That person is greatly missed

All those beautiful bridges

Who passed with you

 He is the person in my heart

 Who has left my city

He is far from me

Otherwise, cry to tell him the pain

Your love will pass

 My every night shocker

Seeing you, who lived

That person left the world

Your name is with my name

 You did something like this

You will be in love

 All those slaves are yours

 Who were with the flowers

 Those bites are yours too

 In the gathering of these slaves 

We love you too 

You said that with a smile 

We are only yours

 This is the game of love 

We also lost to you

 Ego is just

 like a dust


Don't Study Me 

You Won Graduate


The Best Cure For A Bad Day 

Is A Good Friend


I Have My Own Style 

No Desire To Be Like Someone Else


Everything Has Beauty...But 

Not Everyone Can See



 Happy Memories Hurt The Most


Behave Like Fool 

Think Like Brilliant


Nobody Will Be Able To

Understand You Pain


So Talk To ALLAH

Connect With Him

It will Help You

It will give You A Reason

To Look Forward To Tomorrow


Trust me One day Your best friend 

will Also start ignoring you


 A Negative Mind

 will Never give You A Positive Life


 Love is like a Air.. 

We can't see it but! 

we can feel it..



You Are Too Nice 

People Just Use You


 They Say

Follow Your Heart

But If Your Heart...

Is In Million Piesces

Wich Piece Do You Follow






 I Am Strong Because 

I know My Weaknesses


May Be

 I'm Not Perfect 

But I'm 

Better Than Others.


Don't tell your dreams

To Everyday

Your Dreams Will Attract you

 Enemies And Haters

Work In Silence



Every Coin Has Two Sides Just Like

 Most People Have Two Faces


I am silent but.... 

But not weak


Life Is

 Full Of Fake People


Everything Has Beauty...

But Not Everyone Can See



Happy Memories Hurt The Most


My Mother Is 

Everything To Me


You Are Not Like Mé

 You Are just Copying Me


A Negative Mind 

will Never give You A Positive Life


One Day 

Everyone Will Leave You


 Life is never easy

 for those

 who dream



You Are Too Nice

 People Just Use You


 Happiness Is A Journey

 Not A Destination


You Are Not Ugly

 You Are Just Poor


Every Coin Has Two Sides Just Like 

Most People Have Two Faces


 My Mind Is

 Full of Unsaid Things


 Behind this smile

 Is everything you'll Never understand.


 My Attitude Is

 Is Taller Than You

O friend, do not be afraid of me

We are very old friends

It was the heart that broke

What promises do we keep?

 O friend, for your happiness

We will sell out too

O friend, the company is yours

 We will win the era

Go now my friend

We tell you all the sorrows

Keep the illusion of my friendship

O friend, remember me

O friend, I miss you in sorrow

 Then we started smiling

Your stones are the masts

We began to suffer

I started to miss you

Tears will flow

All the pain in the heart

 Your face in my dreams every day

 It comes back to me every day

Your face gave me a sense

People call me crazy

Your memory has helped

In every night of my pain

Do not ask, love is with you

 Every day is from you

Do not disgrace me

 In this unfaithful age

I miss you too

O Hussain of all Hussains

Do you love me?

These slogans and lyrics are from you

If you take care of yourself, you can go

On these paths of love

Beitge Tei Yad

All the moments of my life

 We came out unfaithful in your party

Ask that seen from every party

          This heart is drowned in the sea of ​​love

                     This heart has forgotten you

                  This heart has not found the edge of love

                      This heart is drowned in love

                      Ishq was loyal to this heart

                     Ishq met China met this heart

                         From your unfaithful parting

                         Now this heart is broken

                         Seeing your face

                   These eyes do not sleep

                 What has passed passed on my heart

              There was a resurrection but this heart has suffered

               Your face made me a lover

              Who has forgotten this heart?

                Shakir was also mad at you

              O love, then forget this heart 

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