love story poetry in english


 What is not expressed in words

 Let me tell you that story

 One person was a little crazy

 He loved someone

 He remembers her every


He used to sit and cry

There was no loyalty to him

With his name he often

unfaithful  used to write and cry

One person was a little crazy

Then he would go to sleep

He called himself crazy

One day he slept like that

He neither cried nor smiled again

This world was broken

 Hiding the pain in the heart


When he remembered me

Separation haunts me again

Suspect his love

 Then Shakir wrote a ghazal today


Will complain to you one day

Unfaithful to me

I remember you

 Wafa is doing to me


With love in the heart

 Let's go to that person's city


Given in difficult places

 Your memory is with me


It is in your heart

 All sorrows have been cured


We remember you often

 They sleep from China


What will the sorrows of time torment us?

My friend lives with healing in his heart


Your love is in your desire

 We are living like the living


The heart is helpless in your love

 China does not meet the pain does not stop your son


The person is very friendly

Who played with my heart


 With the support of your love

Gone are my loneliness


This is the beauty that blooms

All this is your grace


I took your name with every breath

O my guide


We love God

 Then we started smiling


Remembering that unfaithful

 We cry often


These eyes are your way of hope

Been watching for a while


On all routes in all destinations

We were travelers with you


There was a complaint from this person

 He was not unfaithful, but he became unfaithful


These tears are in my eyes

All this is your grace


China does not meet this heart

Until we miss you


 He was unfaithful who died

Leaving my world


This is the scent that is in my heart

  Will tell you one day


Spring has sprung in all lawns

When he came he was the person


You are the medicine of my heart

 My unfaithful idol


They used to hate me

He started to love


This evening silence, this loneliness

 I am afraid of being alone


He left my city

 By robbing me of everything


Set fire to this cruel world

Smiles with pain


 We often photograph you

 Sometimes confused with myself,

 sometimes confused with you


 These fading letters from books

Then who will write the love story?



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