50 famous quotes about good habits

50 hazrat ali good habits quotes


Luck is something that calls for it

 He also gets it if he doesn't do it.


 A believer is one who treats those people with justice.

Do not do justice to him.


Planning and thinking before action is to avoid regret.


Wealth is the cause of temptations, the source of accidents

 It is a cause of pain and suffering.


 There are two types of people in the world, one is the world

 They are students but they don't get it and others

 Those who have got it, but they don't do it.


 Defects and evils grow by keeping evil in the heart.


Correcting the defects of one's self

 Being busy in avoiding shame and your hereafter

 Engaging in the reformation of the will save you from the punishment of hell.


Charity protects from evil places.


Kindness is a treasure, so find someone

You leave it with the person.


 Quarreling shows a man's wisdom and his

 Nothing increases the right of


Greed is a calling that a person owns it

 It is a shame and humiliation for him to wear clothes.

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A lie kills a liar, but he who

He gets rid of it.


The time of death is fixed and the sustenance is already distributed.


So someone is worried about the late 

arrival of Rosi  Don't be, because there

 is no livelihood before being greedy It would

 be found and nothing would be delayed

 by not asking.


 There are two types of people, one is generous, 

but their hands

I don't have money, other rich people but him

They do not need it.


Evil provokes divine wrath.

. ********

Kindness destroys evil and faith destroys disbelief

 Gives while faith is the highest goal.


 Sermons, healing advice and divine

 guidance are very good virtues.


Gentleness is a friend of a believer and modesty is a 

very good friend.


 Patience is that which all the actions of the believer

 are related and Paradise is the reward of

 such people who are believers and benefactors.


Until the property is separated from your hands, 

from him No profit is made.


 Lust is a misleading thing and children are bad

 They are kind of enemies.


Charity is a great gain and the acquisition 

of knowledge is a virtue of the highest order.


 The ghat of the world is not clean for any drinker

 He is not loyal to anyone.


 A complete scholar is one who is never satiated

 with knowledge Do not reveal your secret to him.


Gentleness is a sign of good character 

and a sign of wisdom.


 Stupidity is a disease that has no cure

 And there is a disease that never gets better.


 It is the habit of a believer that if he asks 

anything from someone

 So, it does not matter much and Iqbal 

and Wad Bar are equal in his eyes.


A believer is humble, pious, pious and

 has perfect faith.


To be stingy in spending current

 wealth as if it were one's own

 It is insulting God and the Sustainer.


 Goodness never perishes, while

 evil is punished for the wicked

And the shame goes hand in hand.


 Loyalty is the jewel of sisterhood

 and brotherhood of trust.


 Patience is a very good garment

 of faith and of man

 It is a very good trait.


Death is closer to you than your shadow

 And he has full power over your souls.


 Arrogance is a deadly trait, which empowers him

 He goes astray from the straight path.


 Wealth decreases by spending

 but knowledge increases by spending.


Forbearance extinguishes anger 

and quickness of temper

kindles its flame.


Wickedness is a weak foundation fortress.

 Those who are inside it

He cannot protect them and save 

those who take refuge in it.


There are two types of people in the world,

 one is a student and the other is a student

 Required . The person who seeks the world is his death

 The world is in search and who is seeking the hereafter

It is in demand.


Arrogance is a fatal trait, which

 He chooses from the straight path humiliation 

and misery,

 They are associated with greed and greed.


Idleness humiliates a person and his face

It reduces the splendor and destroys the

 blessing of sustenance.


 An example of one who worships

 without knowledge is,

 Like a donkey, its animal that moves

 around and stays in the same place.


 Hadad is an incurable disease that is 

envious or mehsud

 Death does not go away.


It was a blessed habit of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ 

that when someone

If a person praised you in front of you,

 why would you say that?

 That O my God, you are more than me

 in my condition

I am familiar with the condition of my self 

more than them

I know. O Allah! As these people believe,

 Make me good more than what is bad for me

They don't know, they with their grace and grace

 Hide it in peace.

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