motivational quotes in english

I believe in the power of words. 

Words can make you break you

they can heal your soul

they can damage you forever.

 So I always try to use the positive words in my life

wherever I go.

 They call it adversity

I call it opportunity.

They call it weakness

I call it strength. 

They call me disabled

I call myself differently abled.

They see my disability

I see my ability.

There are some incidents

that happen in your life.

And those incidents

are so strong

that they change your DNA.

Those incidents or accidents

are so strong

that they break you physically.

They deform your body

but they transform your soul.

Never blame people in life.

The good people

Give you happiness.

The bad people

Give you happiness.

The worst people

Give your lessons.

And the best people

Give you


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