best top 50 quotes about life

A tongue strike hurts the most. 

Life is a battle to survive. 

Keep yourself strong. 

The pen is the greatest weapon. 

Keep your thinking positive. 

Celebrate the situation.

 Take steps thinking that there are problems at every step. 

Always have good thoughts about other people. 

Always learn knowledge. 

Positive thoughts are your destination Will pinch until. 

The first step towards the destination is your success.

Make your pen a weapon. 

Razak written in destiny is found. 

Love yourself too. 

Learn from the mistakes of others.

 It doesn't take long to turn failure into success. 

Pray to Allah for good conditions. 

Successful people are a sign of success for you. 

Work hard and work hard. 

Hard work definitely pays off. 

Never lose patience. 

Try to change bad situations. 

Your strength is your success

Trust yourself.

 A loving person is called. 

Don't cheat with people. 

Talk about what you learn by doing. 

Never have false dreams. 

This world is nothing but suffering. 

Learn to live in sorrow.

 Prayers change destiny.

 Take the prayers of the people. 

Avoid bad prayer. .

 keep trying To get your ka miabi. 

Be nice to people. 

If you lose try to win again.

 Learn from your mistakes. 

Behind every success is a woman's hand. 

Don't leave your fate to chance.

 Learn to build relationships. 

Do not turn away from your duty. 

Learn to manage relationships. 

Learn from your mistakes. 

Make your own destiny. 

Every life is precious. 

Don't waste time. 

He who never gives up wins in the end. 

Take care of yourself. 

The time of death is fixed. 

Don't be afraid of your death. 

The final destination is the grave. 

God knows beyond that. 

Love others more than yourself.

 Others will love you.

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